Student Testimonials

What Co-op students say about their Co-op experience......

"I feel confident that Co-op has made me a stronger student with more job prospects. The strong Co-op engineering program at the University of Regina has given me the skills I need to find a job and succeed in it."

Moira Mathie, Environmental Systems Engineering
Completed 4 Work Terms

"My Co-op placements have been with two very excellent companies that are staffed with amazing people. The people I worked with were, and still are, truly concerned with my personal growth and success. Working for these companies has given me a glimpse into my future career and helped me develop long-term goals that are both realistic and at the same time achievable."

Ashley Nagy, Administration
Completed 3 Work Terms

"I find that as I continue on through classes and work terms, I always bring something to my job from school, and back to school from my job that makes what I'm learning more applicable, as well as fun. When it comes time to look for a job in the "real world", I will have the confidence to pursue whatever I feel I am able to do, something that I would not know had I not enrolled in Co-op."

Jessica Newman, Chemistry
Completed 4 Work Terms

"It was the Co-op Program that helped me eliminate the occasional uncertainty that I had about my major selection, not to mention the financial support that was crucial for the continuation of my education."

Sogol Azarmgin, Electronic Systems Engineering
Completed 4 Work Terms