Know Yourself: Career Assessment Activities

Career-related assessment generally involves doing different types of reflective activities to increase understanding of your unique self and situation. With a clear, detailed picture, you are better prepared to identify educational and career options that are a rewarding "fit." What self-assessment activities would you find helpful?  

Know Yourself: Reflect for a Clearer Picture

For a clearer picture of your unique self and situation, take time to reflect upon your characteristics and experience:

  • What do I naturally enjoy? (interests)
  • What are some of my strengths? (skills and abilities, attitudes)
  • When do I get engaged and lose track of time? (motivations)
  • What makes things rewarding and meaningful? (values) What are some related goals?
  • What are some related fields and programs for realizing these goals?

Complete Career Assessment Tools

  • Formal career assessment tools can help you increase self-understanding and identify potentially rewarding educational and career options.
  • Review the list of instruments for self-assessing career-related interests, values, skills and personality characteristics. Select and complete instruments of interest.
  • Note: Formal standardized assessment instruments (e.g., Strong Interest Inventory) have been evaluated for their validity and reliability in measuring career-related constructs (e.g., interests, personality and values).
  • Critically review your assessment results. Do you support them? What patterns do you notice?  

Take into Account All Significant Factors

  • What are all the important factors in your unique situation? Consider financial resources, relationships, location, the labour market and whatever else is important.
  • How much does each factor influence your decisions and re-decisions?
  • Are there any any conflicts? What options are realistic and feasible? Do you need to make some compromises?
  • What is the better choice for now and the near future?