Re-Evaluating Your Career Direction

Plan for change in yourself and your situation at some point over the course of your studies and career. To maintain career satisfaction over time, prepare to re-evaluate and make needed re-decisions and adjustments.

As a student, take time to reflect upon your academic and life experience.

  • What's going well for you? OK? Not so well?
  • How do your experiences each semester inform you about the next?
  • Are any adjustments or bigger changes needed? What are some options?
  • Are you considering to ...
    • Continue your current studies?
    • Transfer to a related program?
    • Change direction to a different field?
As an employee, lifelong career development and satisfaction requires re-evaluation.
  • Reflect upon your career-related experience and goals, and level of career satisfaction.
  • To increase satisfaction, what do you seek more of? Less of?
  • What are the risks/benefits of:
    • Continuing the same direction?
    • Pursuing a related opportunity?
    • Seeking new challenges in a different field?

Be positive about working with uncertainty and navigating your career journey.

  • Keep hopeful! As needed, do more activities related to self-assessment, exploration and connection, and re-evaluation.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor for help picking classes that apply to the most options while undecided.
  • Get related experience--volunteer, get a part-time or summer job, join Co-op or an Internship program.
  • Talk with different people studying or working in different fields of interest.
  • Attend Career Sessions on essential career-related topics (e.g., career direction, job searching, resumes, interviewing).
  • Contact the Career Centre about an appointment with a Career Counsellor.