Multimedia Advertising Subscription

A one year subscription provides your company with a minimum of five minutes of advertising time on our collection of big screen monitors located in high-traffic areas across campus.  Here you are welcome to promote employment opportunities as well as recruitment events that are held on and off-campus.


Take advantage of this opportunity to make program announcements and provide information that can inform all members of the campus community! 

Your subscription time is flexible!  With the purchase of any subscription you are welcome to make updates as often as you like, which we can also help you to facilitate.  For example, if you provide an ad template with your preference for font and size of text, then once you have defined the parameters of how you wish your template(s) to be used, our department can make updates for you at any time.

Five minutes of time on a digital display where we recommend slides or videos to be 20-40 seconds long gives you the option to have several different ads running at one time!  Also, specific versions can be posted in target areas: for example, one design could be exclusively used at locations such as the  tatawa Indigenous Student Centre with a different design at the Engineering Office and another at the Business Students' Society!  We have a list of special locations that can be used to focus on specific subjects.

Subscriptions can be purchased for either $350 per month, $1,000 per term or $2,500 per year, with no added fees for content updates.

**** Please contact Kevin Fiessel for more information or to reserve a booking. ****

Phone: (306) 585-5222