Job Posting Guidelines

You must create an employer account on the URCareersLink database powered by Symplicity. 

Please follow this link: 

All jobs require approval before being posted.  

Student Employment Services reserves the right to refuse advertising any job orders which fall into the following categories:
  • Multi-level marketing or pyramid selling.
  • Positions to be paid by commission only.
  • Any positions where students are required to operate/own a franchise, purchase a "starter kit" or invest money up front.
  • Positions which discriminate with respect to: sex/gender, marital status, race/colour or age (except for any cases that may require legal minimum/maximum age).
  • Any position where there may be safety concerns or jobs of questionable moral standards.
  • In the job description posted to students we do not require that a direct contact name for a person in the company be given for application submission.  However, before any positions are posted the employer is required to provide a company name, contact name, address and phone number in order for the position to be posted.
  • Third party recruiters will be required to identify the client that the position is with. This information will be held in confidence and not released to candidates unless authorized by the third party recruiter. Should the third party recruiter be unable or unwilling to provide the name of the employer or client, the position will not be advertised through the SES office.  Student Employment Services reserves the right to verify information pertaining to the listing directly with the employer. No contact will be made directly with the employer without the third party recruiter's knowledge. Should the third party recruiter object to this procedure, the position will not be accepted for listing.