Host Recruitment Sessions

Career Education hosts recruitment sessions for a wide variety of employers during our Fall and Winter terms.  We offer employers the ability to tailor specific recruitment needs based on program and major, but more importantly, on key skills essential for success in the workplace.  Discuss your goals with Career Education Staff and we will help to custom design special events which we will partner with you to promote to our student resources.  Common formats that sessions are hosted in include:

Information Sessions:  For a minor set-up fee, present and distribute any materials you wish and if desired, we recommend that you open the floor for any questions that students may have. 

Employer Spotlights:  For a minor set-up fee,  have a booth during high traffic hours in high-traffic locations across campus to display information about your organization and personally speak with a variety of students in an informal setting.

In-Office Days:  Career Education can provide a room in our office for the whole day (when space bookings allow).  We promote this event to students encouraging them to come and discuss opportunities for future employment with you in more detail.  These may be hosted as drop-in days or the Career Centre would be happy to facilitate the scheduling of meeting times with our students on your behalf.  Employers may consider discussing resumes, career options and goals that may fit with each student in this personal setting. 

We commonly encourage employers to consider hosting recruitment sessions that are open to students from all programs as a part of a long term investment.  Many students may have experience in several subjects or may still be choosing their Major and experiences like these can help them to determine the career direction that they choose.

Career Education will promote all of these events for you on our multimedia screens across campus, our email lists, with posters or fliers in our office and on the new URegina Careers-Link database.   

For more information and to plan your next recruitment event please contact