Spring Career Fair - February 13th


Spring Career Fair 2023 - Monday, February 13th (10am - 3pm)

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Are you wondering...

What type of career you're best suited for?  Where to find a job now and your career in the future?

Come and learn more at the Spring Career Fair!

This event provides an opportunity to network with some of Canada's top employers. You will learn first-hand different ways that your education and experience can fit for a selection of different employers which you may not have ever even considered!

Who Can Attend?

The Spring Career Fair is for everyone, and free of charge!   Students, alumni, people from all faculties and backgrounds come to learn about a variety of opportunities. Whether you are a graduate, full-time, part-time or co-op student there will be a variety of employment opportunities for you to consider.  Even if you are still pondering over what subject you should study, you can log-in and look at different career options to help you to decide!  This event is open to the whole community.

How Do I Participate?

Be prepared to meet with prospective employers and have questions ready to ask. The benefits depend on your attitude and preparation. Workshops on how to prepare for the Spring Career Fair will be available.  For more information,  send us an email - student.employment@uregina.ca.

For more information please contact Student Employment Services at the University of Regina Career Education/CESL office.