Employer Recruitment Sessions

We work closely with Employers who are seeking students and alumni from every background.  We work closely with your organization to design an individual session set up to target your interest groups, to engage people, to help you to personally pick out potential candidates and to builld a high profile for your company.

The Career Centre will help you with the planning details such as space booking, advertising through our email database and our multimedia monitors on campus, as well as recommending the best times of day, times of year and locations to recieve the best results.  Companies will host a variety of different styles and we are happy to help you define your goals, choose your format, and reach out to include as many students as possible.  Some examples of past events that have been held include:

  • Luncheons, breakfasts, pizza in the classroom or coffee breaks,
  • High profile walk-by display tables on campus,
  • Mock interviews or personal in-office days for you to meet and advise students one-on-one,
  • Classroom presentations, and
  • Off-campus events such as workplace visits or conference participation.

Upcoming Events

February 2024

Mon., Feb. 5 - Feb. 5, 2024 ― Spring Career Fair 2024

Past Events

January 2023

Mon., Jan. 30 - Jan. 30, 2023 ― Education Career Expo 2023

September 2023

Mon., Sep. 25 - Sep. 25, 2023 ― Careers Day 2023