Business Development & Entrepreneurship

Thinking about starting your own business? Government, private and non-profit organizations offer information and assistance with getting started. Business opportunities also are posted in databases for All Fields and other Specialized Fields.

First Nations, Métis & Northern Community Business

  1. Clarence Campeau Development Fund
  2. Saskatchewan First Nations, Metis, Northern Community Businesses
  3. Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation
General Business 
  1. Business & Industry - Government of Canada (e.g., start up, grants, permits and more)
  2. CanadaOne
  3. Canadian Business
  4. Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE)
  5. Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
  6. Centre for Business - Southern Ontario  
  7. Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)
  8. Enactus Canada - Student Entreprenurship
  9. Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)
  10. Futurpreneur Canada
  11. Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation & CANIE Awards
  12. Kauffman Foundation
  13. MERX - Electronic Tendering - Canadian, U.S., Construction
  14. Organizations for Business Women (Canada)
  15. Small Business BC (SBBC)
  16. Youth Canada - Starting Your Own Business
Saskatchewan Business
  1. BizPal - SK - Saskatchewan Business Permit and Licence Information
  2. Regina Women's Network (RWN)
  3. Saskatchewan Business & Industry - Business Services & Information
  4. Saskatchewan Industry Associations (various cultural sectors)
  5. Saskatchewan Professional Attractions & Festivals (recipients of multi-year support)
  6. SquareOne - Saskatchewan's Centre for Entrepreneurship
  7. Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc.

Alert! The above databases, organizations, businesses, services and information are provided for information purposes only. The Career Centre does not endorse any specific ones. You are responsible for researching and assessing opportunities and information to determine quality, safety and legitimacy for your purpose.