Co-op & Internships - U of R & Other Programs

Co-op Education & Internship programs offer opportunity for students to gain paid work experience related to their field. Internships required to complete an academic program, however, can be paid or unpaid. For more opportunities, visit  UR International - Global Internships.

U of R Co-operative Education & Internship Programs
Opportunities through U of R Co-op & Internship Programs are paid.

  • Students in the U of R Co-operative Education Program alternate three or four semesters of academic study and paid work experience.
  • In comparison, the U of R Internship Program requires students to complete one paid work experience (4-16 months) related to their field of study.
Other Internship Programs (paid)

The University of Regina Career Centre does not endorse any of the following internships,which are listed for information purposes only.Thoroughly research internships of interest before applying.

  1. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada - Grants Programs (fellowships)
  2. Co-op Student or Intern - Government of Canada
  3. Connect Canada - Linking Graduate Research Interns & Industry
  4. Glassdoor (search Internship)
  5. Johnson-Shoyama Executive Internship Progam
  6. Mitacs - Science & Business Research & Training
  7. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Internship Program (international)
  8. Saskatchewan Legislative Internship Program (SLIP)
  9. Young Canada Works (YCW) - Government of Canada

Alert! The above databases, organizations, businesses, services and information are provided for information purposes only. The Career Centre does not endorse any specific ones. You are responsible for researching and assessing opportunities and information to determine quality, safety and legitimacy for your purpose.