Databases for Work in "Specialized Fields"

  • Use a variety of keywords to search for work in any area of interest. If you search by a limited set of keywords, your results will be limited.
  • Also search different databases for All Fields.  
  • Note employers of interest, visit their websites and directly contact them.  
  1. Arts, Culture & Heritage
  2. Bilingualism Required/exigeant la connaissance du français et de l'anglais (French, English, global)
  3. Business Development & Entrepreneurship
  4. Computer Science, Communications & Information Technology
  5. Education: K-12, Post-Secondary & International
  6. Government: Federal, Provincial & Municipal
  7. Government of Saskatchewan: Agencies & Crowns
  8. Health & Medicine (various specializations)
  9. International
  10. Journalism, Media & Publishing
  11. Science & Engineering (various specializations)
  12. Sport, Recreation & Health
  13. University of Regina

Alert! The above databases, organizations, businesses, services and information are provided for information purposes only. The Career Centre does not endorse any specific ones. You are responsible for researching and assessing opportunities and information to determine quality, safety and legitimacy for your purpose.