Government of Saskatchewan Agencies & Crowns

In addition to the websites below, search databases for All Fields and other Specialized Fields(e.g., Arts, Culture & Heritage; Science & Engineering).


  1. Saskatchewan Arts Board
  2. Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency
  3. Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission (Public Service Commission)
  4. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
  5. Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission
  6. Saskatchewan Pension Plan (Public Service Commission)
  7. Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board

Crown Investments Corporation (CIC)

  1. Crown Investments Corporation of SK
  2. Information Services Corporation (ISC)
  3. SaskEnergy - Careers
  4. SaskPower
  5. SaskTel - Careers
  6. SaskWater - Careers
  7. Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation - Casino Regina & Casino Moose Jaws - Careers
  8. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) - Careers
  9. Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation (SOCO) - Innovation Place

Treasury Board Crowns

  1. Global Transporation Hub Authority (GTHA) (Public Service Commission)
  2. eHealth Saskatchewan (Public Service Commission)
  3. Municipal Financing Corporation (Public Service Commission)
  4. Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority
  5. Saskatchewan Municipal Board (appointed by order in council)
  6. Saskatchewan Research Council
  7. Saskatchewan Watershed Authority

Alert: The above databases, organizations, businesses, services and information are provided for information purposes only. The Career Centre does not endorse any specific ones. You are responsible for researching and assessing opportunities and information to determine quality, safety and legitimacy for your purpose.