Job Searching - Health & Medicine

Health & Medicine (various specializations)

In addition to the websites below, search databases for All Fields and other Specialized Fields (e.g., Sport, Recreation & Health).

  1. BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
  2. CharityVillage - Canadian Nonprofit Sector 
  3. Canadian Nurses Association - Jobs Abroad
  4. Health Canada - Job Opportunities
  5. HealthCareersin
  6. Nursing Careers Canada
  7. Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) - Public Health Practice (various fields)
  8. PHAC - Canadian Field Epidemiology Program     
  9. PHAC - Plan Your Career in Public Health (e.g., administration, epidemiology, biostatistics, health promotion, inspection, nursing, medicine)              
  10. ResearchGate (global)

Alert! The above databases, organizations, businesses, services and information are provided for information purposes only. The Career Centre does not endorse any specific ones. You are responsible for researching and assessing opportunities and information to determine quality, safety and legitimacy for your purpose.