Meet Employers

“I enjoy studying the subject of my Major, but what kind of jobs can I really get with this?”

Never under-value your education! Focus on skills that you have developed during your studies instead of the title of your Major and you will see a vast array of options open for the career ahead of you. The Career Centre hosts special events with employers from every background:

Information Sessions: Employers give a presentation then open the floor for any questions you may have in a group setting

Employer Spotlights:  Employers set up a booth for a day in the RIC Atrium, RC Hallway or Multi-Purpose room or various other locations across campus to display info about their organization and answer any questions you may have one-on-one.

In-Office Days: Employers will spend a day in their own office in the Career Centre welcoming students to stop in and speak with them about opportunities for employment in more detail, students are welcome to bring a resume to discuss.

A company name might not sound like a subject that you would fit with for your career but DON’T jump to conclusions!  Organizations from different specialty fields commonly need to recruit staff to focus on a variety of other skills to manage other functional elements of their organization such as policy development, statistical research and other operational details.

Stop by the Career Centre, visit the Events page on our website or join the Job Board to receive e-mail announcements for all of the events we have coming up.