Reference List - Education & Teaching Fields

A reference list usually will be requested at some point when applying for jobs. References also may be requested when applying for scholarships, volunteer work (e.g., coach or tutor), and graduate and professional programs.

How to Prepare a Reference List - Examples

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  1. Unless requested or appropriate for your field, do not include references with applications. If you are uncertain, check with the employer.
  2. Most employers require references only when considering you for an interview.
  3. Take copies of your reference list to interviews.
  4. Get permission before including someone on your reference list.
  5. Include three to five references, prioritizing those who have evaluated your performance.
  6. Ask about each reference about their preferred contact information. Usually the following is included:
    • Reference's name, title, organization or company, address
    • Phone number, email, fax (optional)
    • Relationship to you