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Writing Customized Resumes & Curricula Vitae (CVs)

Customizing Resumes - Career Development Session
For more interviews, attend a session on Customizing Resumes (see Career Sessions schedule) and learn how to tailor your resume. After attending a session, sign up for an individual Resume Review at the Career Centre.

Resume Models & Curricula Vitae (CVs) Guidelines
Customized resumes and CVs show how you fulfill the specific requirements and criteria of different opportunities (e.g., job postings, grant applications, admissions). To customize, selectively highlight your most relevant knowledge, skills and abilities, attitudes and other qualifications:

  • Closely analyze the requirements and criteria. Sort them into categories and name (headings).
  • Use these as headings to create a section such as "Related Knowledge, Skills & Experience" (resume page 1).
  • Under each heading, write statements about your related academic, volunteer and/or employment experience. Include some details, statistics and examples, such as titles of a project, lab report, artwork or paper. See customized examples below. 
  • Also review resources with examples of knowledge and skills related to different academic programs and specializations:
    1. UR Career Guide
    2. U of R Undergraduate Calendar - Courses (see course descriptions)
    3. U of R Graduate Studies and Research (see course descriptions)
  • Other resources for examples of knowledge and skills related to different fields and occupations:
    1. Career Cruising (see Explore Careers)
    2. National Occupational Classification

Customized Resume Examples
Critically review examples below and tailor your resume to address the specific requirements of the position or criteria (e.g., application for a scholarship or graduate program).

Other Resume Examples & CV Guidelines