Volunteer Benefits

What are some of the benefits of contributing to others and learning through volunteer work?  

  1. Increase your understanding of complex individual, community and broader social concerns. 
  2. Gain experience in different areas that you're considering for a major and career direction (e.g., human services, administration, health, teaching).
  3. Build confidence by challenging yourself to develop specialized knowledge, skills and abilities, attitudes that are required to work successfully in an area of interest.
  4. Develop connections with organizations, institutions and businesses that you might work for in the future.
  5. Experience the intrinsic rewards of getting involved in activities to strengthen your community and yourself.
  6. Clarify what interests, values and goals are important to you for realizing a meaningful educational, career and life direction.

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see.
                                                                               Ella Wheeler Wilcox