Ambassador Leaders

Want to take your leadership, interpersonal and “Ambassador” skills to the next level? We need a committee of enthusiastic, committed, creative, and organized Ambassador Leaders!


 2023-2024 Applications now Open! 


  • Help coordinate the Ambassador team during events such as Orientation and Fall Open House
  • Mentor and lead fellow Ambassadors
  • Provide feedback on events and ideas for improvement
  • Help oversee key aspects of events (eg. coordinate registration, lead interactive sessions, oversee set-up and logistics, run mixer/icebreaker activities, etc.).
  • Planning and executing Ambassador Appreciation events.


  • Participate in meetings/development workshops every two weeks in Fall and Winter semesters.
  • Attend all Leader meetings
  • Assist in program planning for May-August (in person or via email and phone)
  • Available August 25-August 30 and throughout Welcome Week
  • Work independently but also mentor Ambassadors and provide direction when necessary
  • Participate in a Community Service Project of your choice
  • Participate in a Student Leadership Challenge Presentation
  • Volunteer at least 40 hours over each semester
  • Students will be required to provide a criminal record check
  • Some expectations may be negotiable


  • Leadership, teamwork, and public speaking skills
  • The opportunity to apply leadership skills to a Community Service Organization of your choice
  • Experience to put on your resume and prepare yourself for transition from University to the workplace and the community
  • Certificate of Achievement and reference letters for job/scholarship applications
  • Giving back to your university!

Ideal Ambassador Leader

  • Friendly University of Regina student with an interest in further development of their leadership skills
  • Have at least one year experience as a U of R Ambassador, preference will be given to Senior Ambassadors
  • Have shown evidence of enthusiasm and a positive approach to university life
  • Be in good academic standing in their faculty. Preference will be given to those with a GPA of 70% or higher

The Student Success Centre will be accessing applicant's U of R student records.


This program has introduced me to so many interesting people and has allowed me to explore more of who I am as a person also. Being from a small town in Saskatchewan I was very shy when I started University. When I joined the Ambassador program I never would of guessed I would have broken out of my shell and be willing to public speak in front of hundreds of people. This program allowed me to express myself in volunteer activities that I enjoyed and had a connection too such as Relay for Life. After four years of being in this program it has allowed me to explore and learn about who I am as a person and I could not have asked for anything better to be a part of. - Melanie Chodak