Frequently Asked Questions

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions for the Ambassador Program

  1. How do I become an Ambassador?

    1. Join the Ambassador Program by clicking here and filling out the form.

  2. Who can become an Ambassador?

    1. Any University of Regina student from any of the 10 faculties.

    2. Students may be on a work term and still volunteer in their spare time.

  3. I have a very busy schedule and don’t think I can volunteer much. Can I still join?

    1. Of course! The Ambassador program is designed so that you pick when you can volunteer. We will send you a list of upcoming opportunities and then you decide if it fits within your schedule.

    2. Remember to make time for your studies!

  4. How do I become a Junior Ambassador?

    1. Join the Ambassador Program through this form.

    2. Register for an Ambassador 101 training session (dates found on the above form).

    3. Attend Ambassador 101 - Congrats! You are now a Junior Ambassador!

  5. How do I become a Senior Ambassador?

    1. Join the Ambassador Program through this form.

    2. Register for an Ambassador 101 training session (dates found on the above form).

    3. Attend Ambassador 101.

    4. Register and attend Tour Training Part 1 & Tour Training Part 2. You can find these sessions here.

    5. Receive an email from the account indicating you have passed Tour Training Part 2 - Congrats! You are now a Senior Ambassador!

  6. How do I become a Leader Ambassador?

    1. Complete one year as a Junior or Senior Ambassador.

    2. Apply to the program in October/November.

    3. Complete Ambassador 200 online HERE.

  7. What type of events would I volunteer for?

    1. Anything and everything that the UofR offers!

    2. These could include: Housing Move-In, Welcome Week, Orientation, Fall Open House, UR Beginning, Winter Orientation, Career fair, Diwali Gala, Calling campaigns, and so much more!

  8. How do I find volunteer opportunities?

    1. Once you have completed Ambassador 101 nearly every Monday morning you will receive an email from the account. All upcoming volunteer opportunities will be promoted through this email. Not a fan of emails? When you sign up, you will also be added to our Ambassador Resources UR Courses page. You can find all training and event information here.

  9. I’m part of a Student Club or Society on campus and we need more volunteers for an event. Can we use the Ambassadors?

    1. Of course! If you are hosting an event on campus, you are more than welcome to request Ambassadors! A variety of events are always great to volunteer for. You can request volunteers through this form.

  10. My question wasn’t answered here, who can I ask?

If you have any questions about the University of Regina Ambassador Program, please contact: Bryan Wilson

  • Email:
  • Phone: 306-585-4600
  • In Person: Student Success Centre, Riddell Centre, Room 163


I joined the program in my first year to get involved on campus and to make new friends. Today, some my closest friends in school are people who I met through this program. I like how the Ambassadors Program is set-up so that you can volunteer on campus based on your schedule, meaning that you can choose what you want to volunteer for and when. Even if you can only volunteer for a few events during the semester, the help is greatly appreciated! Some of my favourite volunteer events include Orientation Day, Welcome Week, and Fall Open House. I encourage every student to consider joining the Ambassador Program because it is an awesome way to give back to your campus community "As One Who Serves." - Shelby Piechotta

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I joined Ambassadors because during my first year at the U of R I rarely left my dorm room and I hated talking to more than two people at once. After taking courses to become a Senior, I was interacting with real people on campus and talking to full tour groups. I am so grateful for Ambassadors for getting me involved and actively caring about my university. - Dacey Keyser