Volunteer Centre

University of Regina's Student Volunteer Center

The University of Regina has a student volunteer centre opening on campus! Students that are interested in joining the volunteer centre will have to sign up here

Then student will have to attend one of our volunteer preparation workshops. These can be found on our online dashboard, UR Path

Once you have attended this training workshop, you will be able to take a look at the volunteer opportunities we currently have available.

Some current opportunities are: 

Presenters - Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan, After School Cooking Classes - REACH, CNIB Gala Volunteer - CNIB Foundation, CNIB Guide Dog Gala Preparations - CNIB Foundation, Volunteers - Saskatchewan Winter Games, Outdoor Hockey League: Ehrlo Sport Ventre, Volunteer Interpreter: Regina Open Door Society, Big Boost Tutor: YWCA Regina, Mission Staff: Sask Winter Games Team Regina, Virtual Facilitator: Seniors Centre Without Walls Saskatchewan, and University of Regina Best Buddies. 

Students that are trained can select the organizations they would like to begin volunteering with. Our office will connect you with the organization, ensure that all safety measures are adhered to, and check in on how the placement is going from both parties perspectives.

If you have questions about this process, come to our office at RC 163! Or book in with an Experiential Learning Coordinator here! 

For Community Organizations:

We have created a volunteer request form that community organizations will need to complete to begin getting student volunteers. Please use the link to complete the volunteer request form: https://urpath.uregina.ca/form.aspx?id=70751 

The information you provide on the form will be shared with the students that are interested in volunteering. The contact person that you provide on the form will receive a list of the student volunteers that have signed up for your opportunity. Students will be asked to communicate directly with the contact person of your organization if they are unable to attend or have any questions about the opportunity.

Basic overarching volunteer training will be provided by the University of Regina to student volunteers. The host organization is responsible for providing specific training and assigning tasks to student volunteers.

Once a request for volunteers is received, there are forms that the organization will need to complete for the University. Each student volunteer will also complete forms for the opportunity.

We ask that your organization submit the request form to the CESL Office a minimum of two weeks prior to your opportunity.