Buildings: A-Z

Below is an alphabetical listing of University of Regina and Federated College buildings located in Regina on the Main Campus (Wascana Parkway), the College Avenue Campus,  and Innovation Place (next to Main Campus), along with building codes and location. You will also find building code information for classes offered in other locations such as Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, and Saskatoon, and classes offered by First Nations University in Prince Albert and Saskatoon.

If You Are Registering for Classes

The building codes below match the building codes in the UR Self-Service registration system unless otherwise noted. Please check these codes when you are registering for classes to confirm the location of your class.

University of Regina - Main Campus & Federated Colleges (Regina)

Building Name Building Code Location
Administration - Humanities Building AH Main Campus, 3719 wīnkaškōn Loop
Campion College CM Main Campus, 3825 Lee Gren Avenue
Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport CK Main Campus, 3925 Goldenrod Loop
Classroom Building CL Main Campus, 3707 Sureau Loop
College West Building CW Main Campus, 3903 wįbazuką Road
Day Care DC Main Campus, 3809 wįbazuką Road
Dr. John Archer Library LY Main Campus, 3715 University Drive North
Dr. William Riddell Centre RC Main Campus, 3907 Buffaloberry Way
Education Auditorium EA Main Campus, 3919 University Drive South
Education Building ED Main Campus, 3919 University Drive South
First Nations University of Canada  FN 1 First Nations Way, Regina
Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre GG Main Campus, 4029 cistēmāw Court
Heating Plant HP Main Campus, 4005 Innovation Loop
Kīšik Towers KI Main Campus, 3747 Lee Gren Avenue
Laboratory Building LB Main Campus, 3711 Sureau Loop
La Cité CT Main Campus, 3727 Sagittaire Lane
Luther College LC Main Campus, 3829 Lee Gren Avenue
Paskwāw Tower PA Main Campus, 3817 Sagittaire Lane
Research and Innovation Centre RI Main Campus, 3805 wįbazuką Road
Wakpá Tower WA Main Campus, 3821 Sagittaire Lane

University of Regina - College Avenue Campus, 2155 College Avenue (Regina)

Building Name  Building Code Location
College Building CB College Ave. Campus, 2155 College Ave.
Darke Hall DH College Ave. Campus, 2255 College Ave.

Off-Campus Locations

Building Name Building Code Location

First Nations University of Canada

FN Prince Albert


First Nations University Building, Central Avenue, Prince Albert

FN Prince Albert


First Nations University Building, 11th Avenue, Prince Albert

FN Saskatoon


First Nations University Building, Grasswood Road East, Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Moose Jaw
Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Prince Albert
Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Regina, Wascana Parkway
Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Saskatoon, E. A. Davies
Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Saskatoon, Kelsey Main


Saskatoon Concourse Building CO 116 Research Drive, Saskatoon
Off-Campus Locations (Various) OFFCMP ---
Web (online delivery) WEB ---

Innovation Place Regina

Building Name Building Code Location

ISM Canada Building


1 Research Drive, Regina

Petroleum Technology Research Centre


6 Research Drive, Regina

Two Research Drive Building


2 Research Drive, Regina

The Terrace


10 Research Drive, Regina

Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory


5 Research Drive, Regina