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Please visit the FAQs section for a list of faculty and staff-specific questions & answers.

Working Remotely

See information and guides to set yourself up for working remotely.

Remote Teaching Support Site

The Remote Teaching support site will help the University Academic community transition from face-to-face instruction to teaching at a distance.

Remote Learning Support Site

The Remote Learning support site provides information for students on how to connect to U of R systems and software when studying from home, including a link to the Student Class Notes Portal to view messages from instructors for classes.

Supports from the Centre for Teaching and Learning

If you have pedagogic questions around your teaching as you transfer from face to face to remote teaching platforms, or if you have questions in general around your pedagogy, please feel free to contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning at: Although they are working remotely, the staff are happy to consult daily Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. They are also busy at the Centre consolidating resources for you which will be uploaded onto their website shortly.

Mid-term and Final Examinations Update

There will be no in-person exams (mid-term and final) for the remainder of the Winter 2020 term. The University recognizes the impact this will have on faculty and students. To mitigate this impact, we have developed recommended exam options for instructors, and guiding principles to take into account when considering them.

1. A project or an assignment as part of course evaluations to replace in-person final exam requirements;
2. A take-home exam as the exam requirement;
3. A final grade based on completed coursework components, with weighting adjusted as appropriate;
4. In Faculties where licensure and accreditation requirements may exist, an online exam using specialized software if feasible and as necessary. Please note that teaching staff in other Faculties may engage in online exams but the University does not have the resources or capacity to support them; or
5. A timed exam in UR Courses that is available for distribution at a specific time and closed at a specific time.

Should instructors believe that an exam option not listed may work best in the context of their individual classes, we request that they discuss that option with their Department Head, Associate Dean, Dean or Director as appropriate.

1. There will be no in-person exams. Individual Department Heads, Associate Deans and Directors will work with their teaching staff to determine the best approach to move forward.
2. Whenever possible, an option should be chosen that has minimal stress impact on teaching staff and students.
3. Where an option is chosen that requires scheduling, the current date and time slot assigned to the class in the final exam schedule will be used. There will be no changes to the final exam schedule.
4. Where an option is chosen for a final take-home exam, assignment or project, the due date will be the date of the scheduled final exam.
5. Some students may not have access to a computer and/or appropriate Internet capabilities, and this possibility should be factored into the consideration of options. If teaching staff are contacted by students who have limited computer access, alternatives should be reasonably provided to avoid the need for students to request a deferral.
6. Considering the disruptions, stress and/or significant changes to routine (including potential caregiving responsibilities) that students and teaching staff are experiencing, options that provide both with maximum flexibility, while balancing academic integrity with compassion and reasonableness, are recommended.



We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the COVID-19 outbreak and actions the University is taking to address this issue.

Please review these FAQs and if you still have questions or concerns, fill out our email contact form.

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