COVID-19 Information

Working Remotely

Accessing University Systems and Services from Off Campus

For information on how to connect to U of R systems and software when working from home, studying from home, and practicing social distancing, please visit the IS reference guide in UR Source. You will be asked to login.

Guidelines for Working Remotely for Faculty and Staff, and Guidelines for Staffing

To protect the health and safety of our community in a manner consistent with the Provincial Health Officer’s advice and meet our continuing commitment to provide educational services to students, we have made a number of decisions:

  • In an effort to support all employees in caring for their health and reducing their risk of exposure to COVID-19, the University’s Emergency Operations Committee has made the decision that as of March 18, the University will allow remote working options for faculty and staff.
  • In addition, effective March 17 we are following a new set of guidelines for staffing actions.

By reducing the number of people on our campuses, we are able to maximize social distancing and offer the strongest solution to the University of Regina community. Because of the variety and nature of work at the University, one solution will not work for all jobs, and not all work can be performed remotely. Supervisors and their teams are asked to think of creative solutions to how work can be done differently.

These decisions need to be taken at the supervisor’s discretion, and fairness for teams should be considered while maximizing measures for health and safety.

Effective March 17 the University has implemented new staffing guidelines, which significantly limit staffing with the exception of essential services personnel.

While our recommended practices for remote working are relatively secure, please keep in mind that malicious actors may take advantage of high-profile events such as the COVID-19 pandemic to enact cyber-attacks, including an increased threat of phishing and/or malware scams.

Key to the decision is to ensure that priority services and operations are maintained. We ask that you share this direction and guidelines with your management teams.

Should you have any questions please contact your HR Business Partner. 

Additional COVID-19 Information on UR Source

  • Please visit the COVID-19 website in UR Source for additional information for Faculty & Staff.

    • The UR Source COVID-19 website contains information and forms intended only for current employees.

    • Please continue to use the public-facing website as your main source for all COVID-19 information.

Look for "COVID-19 Information" under the dropdown menu in UR Source for information including:

  • Checklist for Temporary Remote Working Arrangements
  • Cyber Safety Guidelines and Good Practices
  • Privacy and Remote Work Guide
  • Reimbursement Claims & Pcard Statements
  • Staffing Guidelines
  • Temporary Remote Work Guidelines
  • COVID 19 and Travel Cancellations
  • Counselling Support contact information

Computers and Voicemail

  • Shut down your computer, unless you need to access your desktop remotely, in which case, your desktop must be left ON. (See: Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Record a greeting on your voicemail that lets callers know you will be working remotely for an indeterminate amount of time and includes the number where you can be reached.
  • Do not forward your work phone to another number as this will strain our internal phone system.

Cleaning of Individual Office Spaces

  • To allow custodial staff to focus on public areas, Facilities Management is asking faculty and staff to clean their own offices and kitchenettes and remove/empty their own garbage. Additional garbage bins will be made available in common areas and/or in faculty/department staff lounges.
  • Work Control will be working remotely starting Friday, March 20. All work requests should be entered via the FAMIS work management system. If you require assistance as a FAMIS user you can contact work control via email at
  • Always practice appropriate cleaning and disinfection practices to avoid transmitting viruses or bacteria, especially if you share supplies, workspaces or equipment, such as printers, keyboards, and phones.
  • Use disinfectant, such as Oxivir TB Disinfecting Wipes available through SMS Stores, to clean office touch points, including keyboard and mouse, phone, keys, door handles, desk tops, armrests, light switches, and thermostats.
  • Unplug small appliances and equipment, such as portable heaters and coffee machines and ensure all windows are closed and secured.

Campus Security

  • Campus Security will remain on site 24/7, however, the walk-up office is currently not staffed. Call 306-585-4999, if you need assistance or in case of emergency.
  • The number of unlocked entryways will be minimized to reduce cleaning and security loads and identified by a posted notice
  • If you are working on campus, we encourage you to use the Work Alone program. Call Campus Security to notify them when you are arriving on campus, when you expect to leave, and where you will be working.
  • Ensure your individual areas are locked and secure when you leave.
  • If you need to return to campus and access your office/shared space, be sure to bring your access card, keys and University-issued identification should Campus Security request it

Mail and Couriers

  • Faculties, departments and units that are closed and intend to remain so for the foreseeable future, should contact the Mail Room at 585-4675 or and request that your mail and parcel deliveries be held until further notice.
  • Courier deliveries will continue to be accepted at Central Receiving and UR Stores RIC. If you have arranged with a courier for delivery to your office location and cannot be there to receive it, you will need to contact your courier to make alternate arrangements.

Support Tools

In light of the March 17 announcement to facilitate remote working for many of our employees, certain offices or areas of our operation may find themselves without staff on-site. This does not mean that your offices are not operational, but often closed doors and no lights in an area can leave others on campus with the impression that the office is closed and their resources are unavailable. To assist in the on-site communications for areas in this situation, we have created a sign that you can fill out and print to place at your location entry. The intention is to have a consistent message across campus for these remote working scenarios that informs others that you are still available, just not available to assist them in-person.

Ideally, each office in a fully remote working situation, would have already identified a main contact who could triage emails or phone calls from external parties. Please use that primary contact phone number and email to fill in the sign and post it at your door if your work group is in this situation. You could also use the wording for reference on your faculty or unit home pages, if appropriate.

Human Resources Services and SMS working remotely

Human Resources:

Most HR services have transitioned to remote work. Faculty and staff are asked to send inquiries to and emails will be forwarded to the appropriate staff for response.

Payroll will continue to be processed as usual and faculty and staff will have access to benefits through SunLife Financial. Any changes will be updated on the Faculty and Staff section at

Supply Management Services:

Supply Management Services (SMS) is also working remotely. During this time, SMS staff will be able to maintain the same level of service as provided under normal circumstances.

UR Stores GG (formerly Maintenance Stores and Central Receiving) and UR Stores RIC (formerly Science Stores), who report to SMS, will be fully staffed and working in the stores locations. Business conducted through these areas will continue as usual with no changes.

To contact SMS with any service inquiries, please email Jim Woytuik at or, if necessary, call 306-530-3815.


We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the COVID-19 outbreak and actions the University is taking to address this issue.

Please review these FAQs and if you still have questions or concerns, fill out our email contact form.

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