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Please visit the FAQs section for a list of student-specific questions & answers.

Classes start back up Friday, March 20

Remote Learning Support Site

The remote learning support site provides information on how to connect to U of R systems and software when studying from home, including a link to the Student Class Notes Portal to view messages from your instructors for your classes.

In order to promote social distancing, the University’s computer labs will be closing at 8 p.m., March 24, until further notice. Students who have concerns with how this closure may adversely affect their studies are being asked to email outlining the specifics of their situation. We will follow up with you.

If you feel that you may miss a deadline as a result of computer lab closures, or are unable to utilize needed software, please contact your instructor immediately to explain your situation and seek their advice as to what accommodations can be made.

Mid-term and Final Examinations Update

There will be no in-person exams (mid-term or final) for the remainder of the Winter 2020 term. The University recognizes the impact this will have on faculty and students. To address this issue, we have developed some recommended options for instructors.


  • A project or an assignment as part of course evaluations to replace in-person final exam requirements;
  • A take-home exam as the exam requirement;
  • A final grade based on completed coursework components, with weighting adjusted as appropriate;
  • An online exam if feasible; or
  • A timed exam in UR Courses that is available for distribution at a specific time and closed at a specific time.

Instructors may also develop additional alternatives to exams for assessing final grades in consultation with their Department Head, Associate Dean, Dean, or Director.

A student portal, an on-line guide to classes, is now live on the Remote Learning website. Each course evaluation decision will be communicated to students via the on-line guide or directly from their instructors.

International Students

If an international student cannot/prefers not to return home right now, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced special measures to help temporary and permanent residents, including those here on study permits, who are affected by service disruptions due to the novel coronavirus. IRCC has published a website providing detailed information including updated processes on how you can apply to extend your stay in Canada if needed.

The Government of Canada has announced special measures to assist those here on study permits. Find details here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact UR International office at 306-585-5082, or email UR International is always available to support and assist students in any way we can.

Spring/Summer Term Update

The University of Regina is offering spring/summer term classes using the remote teaching/distance learning model that is currently in place. 



We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the COVID-19 outbreak and actions the University is taking to address this issue.

Please review these FAQs and if you still have questions or concerns, fill out our email contact form.

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