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Academic Advising

Student Services & Academic Advising 

Face to Face Advising is temporarily not available until further notice.

Walk-in Advising will take place everyday from 9:00 - 11:45 and 1:30 to 4pm

If you would like to meet an advisor by zoom, please visit:
https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/4486768409 (For Walk-in Zoom Meeting only)

Meeting ID: 448 676 8409

If you would like to meet an advisor in person, please visit the General Office at ED 409.

For Zoom advising:
You will be admitted to a waiting room and given access to speak to the advisor in the order you were admitted to the waiting room (length of wait time will depend on the number of people ahead of you).

If you try to join the waiting room after open hours you will not be given access, as the zoom room is not monitored any other time. Anyone in the waiting room will normally be given an opportunity to speak to an advisor before the meeting is ended. If you are removed from the waiting room it is because the maximum number of students that can be seen are already in the waiting room.

**If the waiting room has reached its capacity, you are welcome to visit us again on a different day, or to email engg@uregina.ca (along with your name, student ID number, phone number, and inquiry) to have your questions addressed. Individual advising appointments can also be made online at https://www.uregina.ca/engineering/students/advising.html


Important information regarding Advising

Face to face and Zoom appointments available

All of our advisors are now available to assist you with the success of your academic career via Face-to-Face and Zoom appointments. It is your choice. Please choose whatever is the most comfortable and convenient for you. We always encourage academic advising! You and your academic goals are important to us.

You can make either Face-to-Face or Zoom appointments with an advisor through our online Booking Manager. Just follow directions like you did before! https://www2.uregina.ca/engineering/advising/ 

Gina MacPherson gina.macpherson@uregina.ca
ZOOM link for your meeting - https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/4417921827
- Academic advising for all UG students
- Student Appeals
- Academic Action (RTD, MW, ARP)

Janice Savoie janice.savoie@uregina.ca
ZOOM link for your meeting - https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/9193754452
- Questions specific to graduation
- Advising specific to 4th year students & Degree Audit checks

Melissa Berwald melissa.berwald@uregina.ca
ZOOM link for your meeting - https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/3347616026
- Academic advising for all UG students
- Transfer Credits
- Letters of Permission
- Advising specific to 1st year students
-Contact for APEGS PEng Certification

Colleen Walsh colleen.walsh@uregina.ca
ZOOM link for your meeting - https://uregina-ca.zoom.us/j/8564954105
- Coop and internship advising for UG students
- Academic advising for ESE and SSE Grad students

Christina Tathibana christina.tathibana@uregina.ca
ZOOM link for your meeting - https://zoom.us/j/4665080849
- Academic advising for ISE, EVSE, PSE and PSEng Grad students

Student Services

The staff in the General Engineering Office can assist with general enquiries, course registration issues, deferrals, and application forms for several requests.

Phone: 306-585-4734
Email: engg@uregina.ca
8:45-12:00 and 1:00-4:30
Tuesday's open at 10:00

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available to assist with your success as a university student. Academic advisors provide invaluable information regarding your academic program, and connect you to other student services available on campus that may help you achieve your academic goals.

Academic Advising Syllabus

Academic Advisors

Undergraduate Academic Advising





Book an Appointment


Melissa Berwald
  • Academic advising for undergraduate students
  • Transfer credit (TC)
  • Letter of permission (LOP)
  • Study Abroad
Gina MacPherson
  • Academic advising for undergraduate students
  • Student appeals
  • Academic action (probation, RTD, MW, ARP)
Janice Savoie
  • Questions specific to graduation
  • Advising specific to 4th year students & Degree Audit checks

Co-operative Education & Graduate Student Advising

Colleen Walsh

  • Coop & Internship advising for undergraduate students
  • Academic advising for ESE and SSE graduate students
  • Academic advising for undergraduate students (registration period)

Graduate Student Advising (ISE, EVSE, PSE and PSEng Programs)

Christina Tathibana
  • Academic advising for ISE, EVSE, PSE and PSEng graduate students


Dr. David deMontigny; Associate Dean - Academic

Dr. deMontigny will accept student appointment for (please see the Engg Main Office):
  • ENGG 123 Students
  • Academic Misconduct
For all other matters, please see an Academic Advisor first so they can ensure you are connected with the right person, Program Chair, Director or ADA to handle your specific matter. We want to ensure that you are seen promptly.

Study Abroad Students, ESL students and those from any other Faculty, other than Engineering, must call our General Office to book an appointment at 306-585-4734.

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