Software Systems Engineering

What is Software Systems Engineering?

Software Systems Engineers apply computing knowledge to solve real-life problems. They become engineering professionals and leaders in a broad scope of projects. Software Systems Engineers work as software architects, analysts, designers, consultants, and project managers.

Our Program

The Software Systems Engineering (SSE) program is designed to give students the knowledge to analyze, design, and develop software operating on many types of computers and microprocessors.

Graduate with:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Software Systems Engineering
  • Students in Co-operative Education graduate with a B.A.Sc. (Co-op) in Software Systems Engineering
  • Students in the Internship Program graduate with a B.A.Sc. (Internship) in Software Systems Engineering

The SSE program is fully accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.

Undergraduate Calendar

SSE Graduate Program

  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) – project focus or co-op
  • Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) – thesis-based
  • Ph.D. in General Engineering

What SSE Students Do

All engineering students take a common initial core program consisting of the basic maths and sciences needed by all engineers, plus introductory design courses.

Our SSE students apply computational theories to real-life programming techniques; analyze software requirements; design, implement, and test software systems; plan and manage software projects; solve technical problems; and practice co-design and embedded systems construction.

Undergraduate SSE Labs

Our Software Engineering Laboratory features up-to-date Intel PCs and a wide range of software, ideal for undergraduate study and project work. The Technology Transfer Laboratory supports multimedia and software design and development for students, plus an experimental and test facility for industry partners.

Available technology includes Sun servers and workstations, Intel and AMD microcomputers, Performance Design Desktops, Atmel microcontroller development boards, plus an up-to-date array of programming, development, and graphics software.

Careers for SSE Graduates

What sort of career could you have?

Software Systems Engineers typically work in the following areas or hold the following job titles:

  • Design Engineer
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Integration Engineer
  • Multimedia Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Process Engineer
  • Software Project Manager
  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Software Systems Engineer