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Research With Impact 2020 Virtual Lecture Series

Shortly after each lecture, the University of Regina Alumni Engagement Office, in partnership with the Lifelong Learning Centre, will post videos from the Research with Impact 2020 Virtual Lecture Series. Feel free to review at your leisure and share with friends.


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Exercise and the Brain: Dr. Cameron Mang

Whether texting, swinging a golf club or drinking a coffee, movement allows humans to interact with the world around us. But after neurologic damage, like a stroke or traumatic brain injury, movement commonly becomes a major challenge. In this presentation, we consider how exercise has positive effects on the brain and how this might be exploited to increase neuroplasticity and ultimately speed up the neurologic recovery process.
(Recorded May 12, 2020)

Getting to Net-Zero by Mid-Century with Dr. Brett Dolter

Canada has committed to meeting the Paris Agreement target to hold global warming to 2 degrees Celsius or less. To achieve this goal, Canada and the world must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by mid-century. In this talk, Dr. Brett Dolter outlines the challenge of getting to net-zero GHG emissions and presents strategies the world can pursue to begin moving towards the net-zero target.
(Recorded May 19, 2020)

The Economics of Cannabis with Dr. Jason Childs

The legalization of recreational cannabis has been both a social experiment and an economic venture for Canada. Professor Jason Childs has been studying policy and market behaviour for the past three years, and this presentation focused on one of the major challenges of legalization pricing and taxation.
(Recorded May 26, 2020)