Kinesiology and Health Studies

Kinesiology and Health Studies

Associate Dean (Graduate Studies, Research & Special Projects): Larena Hoeber, PhD

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The Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies offers graduate work leading to a Master of Science (MSc) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Kinesiology and Health Studies. These programs offer students the opportunity to critically examine issues within the areas of health, exercise sciences, social science of physical activity and recreation, adapted physical activity, therapeutic recreation, sport and recreation management, and leisure studies.


Course catalogue and current course offerings

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Kinesiology and Health Studies consists (after Master's)

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for fully-qualified admission to the PhD in Kinesiology and Health Studies:

  1. Completion of a thesis-based master's program, or non-thesis based master's program with relevant research experience in a field that is relevant to the area of study in the desired PhD program with a minimum graduating average of 70%. (Examples of acceptable programs may include: kinesiology, sport management, health-related disciplines)

  2. Submission of a formal application package through FGSR, including a letter of intent outlining the rationale for pursuing doctoral education.

  3. Identification of an area of research interest for which there is a KHS faculty member with appropriate expertise available and willing to supervise.

  4. A statement of research interest along with a summary of proposed research program.

  5. Demonstration of individual potential for success in graduate studies, indicated through previous educational achievement as indicated on past academic transcripts.

  6. Demonstration of potential for success in academic scholarship, to be measured through samples of written work including, published and/or unpublished scholarly papers and/or professional reports. Length of submission not to exceed 10 pages, double-spaced; 2500 words.

  7. Demonstration of relevant work experience and achievement, presented in a detailed professional CV.

  8. Recommendations from 2 referees, commenting on the applicant's ability to study at the doctoral level.

  9. Proficiency in the English Language – The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research requires that all international applicants submit proof of English proficiency (such as the TOEFL), with an approved test score in order for the application package to be complete. Further details, including a list of minimum score requirements for specific tests, are available through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Degree Requirements

Course Credit Hours
KHS 900* 6 credit hours
Elective 8xx or 9xx (Advanced Research Methods or Statistics)** 3 credit hours
Elective 8xx or 9xx (Discipline-specific elective in the area of study)** 3 credit hours
KHS 901 48 credit hours
TOTAL 60 credit hours

*Each student must complete the KHS 900 course during the fall and winter terms of year one of the program.
**KHS course, KHS directed reading, KHS special topics or course from other faculty.

In addition, students are required to complete the following:

Comprehensive Examination: Upon completion of the required coursework, the PhD student must demonstrate to their Doctoral Committee members that they have acquired the necessary knowledge in their area of study through a written comprehensive examination and through an oral comprehensive examination. The Doctoral Committee will determine the student's success with these examinations.

Doctoral Proposal and Dissertation: The doctoral proposal and dissertation account for a portion of the 48 credit hours of KHS 901 in the student's program. The student must complete a doctoral dissertation that is scholarly, original and offering new contributions to the field of study. Prior to the commencement of the doctoral dissertation, the student must present to the Doctoral Committee a research proposal outlining the proposed dissertation research project including a comprehensive literature review and methodological details of the proposed work. The Doctoral Committee must approve this proposal prior to commencement of the dissertation research project.

Residency Requirement: There is a one year academic residency requirement (KHS 900) for the PhD program in KHS as enshrined in the course work required for the program.

Master of Science (MSc) in Kinesiology and Health Studies (thesis)

Admission Requirements

When applying to the program, applicants must include a statement indicating (a) their rationale for pursuing graduate studies, (b) which of the following four general areas they would like to be considered for admission into (Bio-Sciences in Sport, Exercise and Health; Humanities and Social Sciences in Sport, Leisure, Exercise and Health; Management in Sport, Leisure, Exercise and Health; Health Studies) and (c) a description of the specific area/topic their thesis research will likely focus on. Additionally, prior to submitting application, potential students should have contacted a prospective supervisor(s) in the faculty and discussed the possibility of engaging in graduate study under his/her direction. A synopsis of those discussions should be included with the application. Admission is contingent on students securing a supervisor for their program.

Applicants to the program must meet the entrance requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, with the following additions:

  1. Have successfully completed a course in research methods and/or data management or one involving a formalized research experience.
  2. Applicants to the Bio-Sciences in Sport, Exercise, and Health area, must have successfully completed at least one course in each of the following disciplines: human anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics and movement science.
  3. Applicants to the Humanities and Social Sciences in Sport, Leisure, Exercise and Health area must have successfully completed three courses in one or more disciplines that relate to the intended area of research and one other sport/leisure/exercise/health related social science or humanities course (4 in total).
  4. Applicants to the Management in Sport, Leisure, Exercise and Health must have completed three management related courses and one sport/leisure management course (4 in total).
  5. Applicants to the Health Studies must have completed three health-related courses and one humanities/social sciences/management course (4 in total).

Degree Requirements

Course Credit Hours
KHS 803 3 credit hours
KHS 801 or KHS 802 3 credit hours
KHS 800 3 credit hours
KHS 8xx* 3 credit hours
KHS or related discipline 8xx* 3 credit hours
KHS 901 15 credit hours
Total 30 credit hours

*KHS Course/KHS Directed Reading/KHS Special Topic.

Students have the option of taking a course from outside the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies in lieu of a second Special Topics or Directed Reading course as a part of the course work component of the program. Any courses to be taken from outside the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies must be approved by the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies Associate Dean (Graduate Studies, Research & Special Projects) prior to registration.

The faculty works closely with other units with respect to courses available and appropriate in the program. For example, there are many Business Administration, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Geography, Education, Engineering, Sociology and Social Work courses that would be beneficial to the research efforts of students investigating aspects of physical activity in the bio-physical sciences, social sciences, recreation, sport management, therapeutic recreation and adapted physical activity studies.

Master of Kinesiology Program
The Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies is offering a special case Master of Kinesiology (MKin). Please contact the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies, Research & Special Projects) for more information.