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The following Graduate Academic Calendar is the official record of the policies of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

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Disclaimer: The University used best efforts, insofar as reasonable possible, to confirm the accuracy of this Calendar at the time it was published.  However, the University retains the right, at is sole discretion and without notice, to revise or alter its curriculum, including but not limited to cancelling programs, in which case this Calendar may no longer be accurate.  It is understood and agreed that the University will not be in any way liable or legally responsible for such inaccuracies.



 FGSR's calendar contains our complete Registration Regulations and Procedures.

There are different registration requirements for different groups of students:

Doctoral Students
You must be registered full-time each semester until completion of the PhD program, including the semester in which your defense is held.

Master of Public Policy (MPP) Students
If you are enrolled in this program, you must be registered full-time each semester until you’ve completed the MPP program, including the semester in which your defense is held.

Other Masters Students
You may not go more than two semesters without registering.   Registration must be in a minimum of 3 credit or billable hours for students who are accessing university resources in any given semester (unless an exception has been granted).

International students
You must register every semester. Please refer to Registration Requirements for International Students.

  • Registrations must be in accordance with the student's approved degree program.
  • Students can register for courses and/or research hours online through UR Self-Service.
  • Be sure that you are aware of deadlines and tuition fees.
  • Many of these deadlines are set by the University of Regina and are not flexible.
  • See Deferrals, Withdrawals and Leaves for information about how to apply for a Deferral, Withdrawal or Leaves and what your options are when courses are not going well.

Academic Integrity

 Outline of Topics:

The University of Regina's online Academic Integrity Hub provides information on the University's policies and processes on Academic Integrity. It also provides important resources for both instructors and students regarding how to maintain academic integrity, avoid or prevent academic misconduct (such as cheating and plagiarism) and what to do in the event of suspected academic misconduct.

Rights & Responsibilities of Graduate Students

 In this section, we provide some the of the relevant polices in terms of students’ rights.

The Graduate Student’s Association (GSA) has put together a section of the calendar about students’ rights and responsibilities.