Living with Roommates

Roommate Etiquette 

Campus housing welcomes students from all sorts of social, economical, cultural, and financial backgrounds. Living on campus is a great way to expand your horizons! Be sure to introduce yourself to your new roommates the first chance you get! Take the time to get to know each other and you'll be able to work out the best way to go about living together. Communication is key!

Roommate Complications

Sometimes issues between roommates can arise. If this happens, we ask that you first try to talk to each other; it is always best when roommates discuss the issue between them before getting other people involved. In most cases, a roommate conflict is due to a simple misunderstanding! If you and your roommate are unable to come to a resolution, please contact your RA. Your RA is trained in roommate mediation and will do their best to mediate the situation as a neutral party!

Room Changes

If an RA is unable to help resolve the personal differences in your suite, they will speak to the RLC. The RLC will meet with both parties and discuss with the Residence Life Manager the best course of action. If a room change is determined to be the best course, Housing staff will find an appropriate room that best fits your needs!