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What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM)?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) is an international campaign held annually in October. By participating in CSAM, we bring awareness to the University of Regina community about the importance of cyber security and what we can do to stay cyber safe! 

In CSAM 2023, we're encouraging you to Step up your cyber fitness!

Ways to Participate

1. Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Cybersecurity awareness training for employees is free, and online.
  • Complete the training by October 31, 2023, and be entered to win a prize!
  • Once you've completed the training, then take our Cyber Security Awareness Month Quiz and be entered for the draw
  • Or take our quiz, if you completed the training in the past year.

2. Cyber Security Awareness Month Quiz

  • Work out your brain and take our CSAM 2023, Quiz.

3. Weekly Cyber Fitness Topics

  • We are focusing on protecting the University of Regina community as we encourage you to learn more about staying cyber fit at the University of Regina.
  • Particapte to help make cybersecurity scams less appealing to criminals; and that just might ruin their day!

University of Regina Cybersecurity Awareness Training

This training is for University of Regina Employees (staff, faculty, instructors, researchers, system administrators, consultants, and contractors). The training covers topics such as phishing, malware, and provides University of Regina specific resources.   

Complete the Cybersecurity Awareness training in October and you will be entered in our CSAM 2023 prize draw.

We are also offering a Cyber Security Awareness Quiz as part of CSAM 2023, so if you've already completed the Training then you do the quiz and be entered to win a prize at the end of October.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Weekly Topics

The theme for Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) 2023, is Step up your cyber fitness! It’s all about stretching your cyber security muscles and taking things one step at a time! Cyber security is a shared responsibility, so join us each week with other organizations across Canada in promoting cyber security by participating in Cyber Month.

Week 1, October 2 to 6: Warmup Week
The best workouts always begin with a good warmup. This week, we’ll lay the groundwork for the rest of Cyber Month, covering topics like:

Review Get Cyber Safe resources

Steps to start and practice getting cyber safe
Tools that can keep you safe online

Week 2, October 9-13: Account Workout

Here’s where the workout really begins. This week, we’ll work up a metaphorical sweat by learning how and why to.

Use Strong and Unique Passwords and Passphrases:

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Avoid Phishing and Social Engineering Scams

Week 3, October 16-20: Learning Self-Defence

Beat cyber criminals to the punch by defending your devices! This week, we’ll cover the ways you can keep your devices protected, including:

Installing Anti-Virus Software

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Securing Your Home WiFi

  • VPN is used for UR Employees when they work from home. Students use it to when requested by select classes.

Week 4, October 23-27: Maintaining Muscle

Staying in good cyber shape means keeping on top of your security habits. This week, we’ll talk about the ways you can automate your cyber safety, like:

Using a Password Manager

Enabling Automatic Updates

Backing up Your Data

Week 5, October 30 to 31: Strength in Numbers

Share your motivation with the world! This week, we’ll teach you how to be a coach for your family, friends and coworkers with advice on:

  • talking about cyber security with older adults.
  • teaching kids about cyber threats.
  • helping your office get cyber safe.