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What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM)?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) is an international campaign held annually in October. By participating in CSAM, we bring awareness to the University of Regina community about the importance of cyber security and what we can do to stay cyber safe! 

This Cyber Security Awareness Month, we're encouraging you to ruin a cyber criminal's day!

Two Ways to Particpate: 

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New Cybersecurity Awareness Training

New for 2022, free, online cybersecurity awareness training.  Complete the training in during CSAM and be entered to win prizes!  

Weekly Phishing Topics

We are focusing on protecting the University of Regina community as we encourage you to learn more about spotting phishing messages, and taking simple steps to protect yourself from phishing.

Particapte to help make cybersecurity scams less appealing to criminals; and that just might ruin their day!

University of Regina Cybersecurity Awareness Training

This year we are offering a newly redesigned Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

This training is for University of Regina Employees (Staff, Faculty, Instructors, Researchers, System Administrators, Consultants, Contractors).  The training covers topics such as phishing, malware, and provides University of Regina specific resources.  

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Register and complete training in the month of October and you will be entered in our weekly draw for campus food vouchers.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Weekly Topics

Each week, we'll highlight different aspects of phishing scams to help you prepare yourself against, or recover from all types of phishing.  Come back each week to discover new resources!

Week 1, October 3-7: You got phished

Even the savviest tech expert can fall for a phishing attempt. This week, we'll focus on spotting a phish and actionable steps to take to recover from a phishing attack with topics including:

Spotting a Phish:

Recover from a Phish:

Securing Your System:

Data Recovery and Backup:

Reporting the Scam:


Week 2, October 10-14: Where, why and how it happens

The more you know about phishing, the easier it is to spot. This week, we'll educate you about what phishing is and where it happens, and the motivation behind cyber threats and how it works. We'll cover topics including:



Week 3, October 17-21: Prevention

Preventing a phishing scam is easier than dealing with one. This week, we'll show you how to ruin a cyber criminal's day by taking steps to protect yourself online, such as:

Secure your password:

Setting up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA):

Protecting the campus against phishing attacks:

Regularly backing up your important data:



Week 4, October 24-28: Putting it all together

Together, we can fight phishing. This week, we'll encourage you to teach others how to ruin a cyber criminal's day by providing information you can easily share with colleagues, friends, relatives and neighbours, like:

Learn to spot phishing:

Helping older adults get cyber safe:

Kids can be targeted by phishing scams:

How to teach coworkers about phishing: