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M365 is a collection of productivity and collaboration software and online services, which includes Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive storage, Teams. M365 also provides a workspace for groups of users to communicate with each other, store group files, share documents with other users and collaborate in real-time.
  • M365 is free for active U of R students and employees.

MFA - MS Authenticator FAQs

Always setup TWO Methods of MFA with MS Authenticator and your Mobile Device
  • Always setup TWO Methods of Multi Factor (MFA) authentication. This way you always have a backup MFA method should one change or not be available momentarily when you need it.
  • This will allow the Authenticator app to be restored with a functional authenticator account if you change or lose your mobile device.
  • Backup Info
If you are an employee at the U of R Authenticator is required
  • Microsoft Authenticator MFA is mandatory for employees and it will be required for your uregina Microsoft Account.
  • Authenticator is optional for Students.
What if I'm a student but I want to be cyber secure and use Authenticator?
  • Authenticator is optional for Students, so you can download it on your mobile device and use it.
How do I set up MFA Authenticator?

U of R Employees MFA is mandatory and Students MFA is optional.

A. First you need to enroll your account in MFA.

  • Go to
  • Log in with your username and usual password and DUO MFA (NOT your Microsoft account).
  • Click the "Enroll in MFA" button, and wait for a red notice across the top "Your request was submitted successfully" (may take 15 seconds or so).
B. Once enrolled, you need to set up the MS Authenticator app.
  • Go to on a web browser on your computer.
  • Sign in to your uregina Microsoft account and usual password.
  • You will then be prompted to download the MS Authenticator app on your mobile device, finish the setup, and test.

Detailed setup Instructions can be found at MFA Authenticator Instructions

How will Authenticator work?
  • When you login to your uregina Microsoft account, it will periodically prompt you to authenticate using MS Authenticator.
  • If prompted, you will see a 2-digit code on your computer/device screen.
  • You will need to enter this code into the MS Authenticator app on your mobile device (or use an optional hardware token if the app is not an option). Once the 2 digit code is entered your mobile device may also ask for your usual mobile login pin/password for verification.
  • The login will then proceed as usual.
What if I don't have a mobile device to use for MFA Authenticator (employees only)?

U of R Employees only

If you do not have a mobile device to use for Authenticator, there are Hardware Tokens available for employees.

  1. To request a hardware token, submit a Footprints ticket to the IT Support Centre.
    • Go to (employees only) and log in if prompted.
    • Under Forms choose Footprints Ticket form.
    • After submitting the form, you will receive a ticket notification by email.
    • Once you receive an email that the ticket is Completed, you can pick up your token from the IT Support Centre during regular business hours.

B. If you already have a token for DUO (employees only), you need to exchange it for a new one that works with both DUO and MS Authenticator. Submit a Footprints Ticket as outlined above.

C. Once you have your hardware token in hand (employees only), you will need to set up MFA on your Microsoft Account to use a Hardware Token instead of the Authenticator App.

  1. Go to in a web browser on your computer
  2. Sign in to your uregina Microsoft Account
  3. Click your initials at the top right.
  4. Click ‘View Account’
  5. Click ‘Security Info’
  6. Click ‘+Add Method’
  7. Click Hardware Token.
What if I don't have a data plan?
You don't need to be on the internet or connected to data, so you don't need phone service to sign in.
What if I only have a flip phone?
  • By adding a cell phone, office phone, or home phone you can authenticate with a phone call.
  • Cell phones that can receive text message will also have the option to authenticate by text code.
Can you use Microsoft Authenticator without a smart phone?
  • A smartphone is not required to use Microsoft Multifactor Authentication.
  • By adding a cell phone, office phone, or home phone you can authenticate with a phone call.
  • Cell phones that can receive text message will also have the option to authenticate by text code.
Backup up option - set up SMS or voice phone call
What if I forget my device or hardware token at home? - employees only

U of R Employees only

  • We will be setting up an online portal where you will be able to generate some temporary codes that can be saved for use when you don't have your authentication device available.
Overview of MFA Microsoft Authenticator
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will need to be set up for your Microsoft account ( using Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Once enabled, after entering your and password, you will periodically be prompted to approve your login on the MS Authenticator app on your mobile device or via a hardware token (employees only).
  • Authenticator is used for Microsoft login only, DUO (employees only) will still be used for the systems that currently require MFA.
  • You will generally only to need to MFA once on each system/app you logon to or after a password change. 
  • A hardware token (employees only) will be available for those that are not using a mobile device.
  • If you currently have a hardware token (employees only) for DUO, you will need to exchange it for one that works with both DUO and MS Authenticator.
  • Authenticator will be used for Microsoft login only, DUO (employees only) will still be used for the systems that currently require MFA.
What is MFA Authenticator and what about DUO?
  • Microsoft Authenticator is a MFA application similar to the DUO MFA that you may already use to access some uregina systems if you are an U of R employee.
  • DUO MFA (employees only) will remain in place for existing systems for your uregina account (username/password), and MS Authenticator will be needed to access your new Microsoft account ( / password).
  • Authenticator is mandatory for employees and optional for students.


What if I already have a personal Microsoft account?
  • You will be able to switch between your personal account and your account.
  • If you used your account to purchase a past license you may need to contact the IS Service Desk (formerly, IT Support Centre).
How do I change my Profile Picture in M365?
  1. Find the photo that you would like to use on your computer or OneDrive. The photo must be smaller than 4 MB and can be a .png, .jpg, or .gif file.
  2. Sign into Microsoft 365 at with your work or school account.
  3. Select the circle in the upper right-hand corner of the page that shows your initials or an icon of a person.
  4. In the ‘My accounts’ pane, select the circle that shows your initials or an icon of a person. Change your photo in the pop-up that appears.
What are the advantages of M365?
  • Work and learn from anywhere.
  • Securely and easily share content
  • Stay in touch with friends and on top of course information.
  • Create projects both individually and collectively.
What M365 Applications are available for Students?
University of Regina is offering free access to M365, which includes:
Office 365 ProPlus applications:
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
  • Windows only: Publisher and Access
  • OneDrive
Office 365
  • Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online, OneDrive, Forms, Teams, Planner, Sway, SharePoint and Stream.
Where is my data stored with M365?
  • Data is stored in the Microsoft cloud.
What if I can't find resources on the M365 hub with a M365 application?
In-depth support is not offered for individual applications. If you do not find resources on our website directly related to your needs, please visit Microsoft Support and search for specific information.
Accessibility in Office 365
  • Office 365 works with screen readers, speech recognition tools, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • When using the Office 365 portal or any of the Office Online applications, you can also use the accessibility features built in to your web browser.
  • For additional information regarding accessibility features in Office 365 go to Microsoft’s Office Accessibility Center – Resources for people with disabilities.

Microsoft Training and Support

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Accessibility Webinars

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning courses can help you manage your appointments, work with contacts, share calendars, and stay on task with Outlook and M365. If you have a Regina Public Library card you can access Linkedin Learning for free with this card.