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Student Accounts Information

Are you a new or current Student on campus looking for assistance? We're here to help you set up your Student accounts and answer tech questions. Use the links above if you forgot your PIN or Password.

  • If you forgot your PIN, a reset link will be sent to your uregina Webmail.
  • If you forgot your uregina password, a reset link will be sent to your alternate email address.
  • If you contact IT Support to reset a forgotten password, they will provide an Activation code.

uregina username and password

  • Used for Webmail (email), UR Courses, Lab computers, Printing, and more. and password

  • Used for Free eduroam WiFi.

ID # and PIN

  • Your 9-digit ID is your issued Student number (employee ID # is the same). Your initial PIN is your birthday, which you can change. Used to log in to UR Self-Service.

Find (or Forgot) USERNAME

  • New or current Student? Find your username for your uregina account here - your username will be retrieved along with information about your password.
  • This is your username and password used for UR Courses and UR Webmail.

Activate/Re-Activate Account

  • If you're a New Student, you can use your Date of Birth as an Activation code.
  • Set a new password by clicking 'Activate/Re-activate Account' - you will be asked to enter your username, 9-digit ID, and the activation code.
  • If you contact IT Support to reset a forgotten password, they will provide an Activation code.

IT Support Centre Info

  • The IT Support Centre is located in ED 137 and there is an IT Help Desk located on the main floor of the Dr. John Archer Library.
  • We are here to assist you, if you are having IT-related technical issues.

UR Self-Service

Log in with your 9-digit ID number & PIN
  • Search, Register, or Drop Classes & Visual Schedule Builder
  • Pay Tuition and Accounts
  • Academic Advising
  • Purchase Your Textbooks
  • Request a Student ID card
  • Graduate Student Requests
  • Canadian Tax Forms
  • Updating personal information & adding, or editing alternate email address(es).
  • View Final Grades & unofficial transcripts & order official transcripts.

New Students

Access granted after accepting your offer (activation of your account can take up to 48 hours). Initial Log in with your 9-digit ID number & PIN DDMMYY (you can change your PIN after this).

UR Courses

UR Courses is the online learning environment (OLE) used by the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges. This web based application offers a safe and secure environment where students are able to access course materials & activities posted by instructors.
  • Most instructors post course materials for classes in UR Courses.
  • Log in using your uregina username (just your username, NOT and password.
If you enter the wrong password 5 times, your UR Courses account will be locked. Check your uregina Webmail for a link to unlock it and try again.  IT Support staff can unlock it for you, and assist if you do not remember your password.

UR Courses Tutorial Videos

UR Courses Student Guide

Remote Proctoring (Exams)

Webmail (email) for Students

Log in using your uregina username (just your username, NOT and password. If you are not receiving email, you can check to see if you are over quota by logging in to Webmail. Check the bottom left corner to see a percentage total of what is used. Students have a 2 GB quota for email.

I just started using Webmail; Do I have to do anything to set it up?

When you first log in to your new account it is best to check under preferences. You want to be sure 'User Level' is set to High. This will give you all the functionality of webmail.

  • Be sure your Email Address is your userid +
  • You can customize colour schemes, etc.
  • If you want to save a copy of each email you send then you will need to create a folder for this.
How do I create folders in Webmail?
  • Folder creation requires a prefix to the name of the folder.
  • If you want a folder to store your sent messages, "sentmail," you would name it "INBOX.sentmail" for the new mailbox.
Because Webmail uses the IMAP protocol for an email server, you can create hierarchies of folders. These hierarchies keeps the Webmail interface on one screen.
  • Example: if you want to use "sentmail" to store your outgoing email but want your 2020 outgoing email to be "archived" and archived under "sentmail" then you can create "INBOX.sentmail.2020"
  • "INBOX.sentmail" must first exist and you will have to move the email items from "sentmail" to "sentmail.2020."
Why can't I delete email items?

Complete email deletion is a two step process: mark for deletion and expunging.

  1. Marked for deletion will show a Red X beside the targeted email.
  2. Expunge then tells the server to actually do deletion.
When User Level is not High, the expunge icon is not visible and complete deletion can't be done.
Can I use Webmail and another client?
  • Webmail is an email client via the web and accessible with any browser, anywhere there's internet connectivity.
  • Using Webmail doesn't preventing a user from using other methods to access the email store, but depending on the connection and location, other email clients may have trouble sending email.
  • Using an ISP that is unknown to the email server results in a "relaying not allowed" error for sending email.
  • Known ISPs are SaskTel and Access.
  • Because the Webmail server is known by the Email server, such errors never occur even though the user may be in Australia.
What is the spam folder for?
  • New users will notice their account has a folder called spam.
  • Our email filter server tags spam email coming into the email server and delivers it to the spam folder, rather than your INBOX.
  • Every night email in the spam folder, that is older than 21 days is deleted.
  • Best to check the folder periodically.
  • New accounts are less likely than aged accounts to accumulate spam email.
Add or Remove Email Forwarding

When you create a forward to a different email address, you will no longer receive the messages in your uregina account.

The University of Regina is not responsible for messages forwarded to another email address.

  1. Log into email forwarding
  2. From the drop-down box, choose create forward or delete forwarding.
  3. If forwarding, enter the email address you would like to have your email forwarded to.
  4. Click Send Request.

It is recommended that you add to a trust /safe list on the forwarded email account.

Configuring Webmail on a Mobile Device or Third Party Mail Client
For PDF instructions for iOS or Android click the appropriate link.
  • secure connections are required.

The following information is provided to enable configuration of unsupported IMAP clients.

SMTP server (Outgoing mail server)

  • Address
  • Port: 587 with STARTTLS for encryption

IMAP server (Incoming mail Server)

  • Address:
  • Port: 143 with STARTTLS for encryption OR
  • Port: 993 with SSL/TLS for encryption

POP server (Incoming mail server using the pop protocol)

Warning POP removes all email from the webmail mailbox and downloads it onto your local device.
  • Only use POP if your mail client does not support IMAP for incoming email
  • Username: username
  • Address:
  • Port: 110 with STARTTLS for encryption OR
  • Port: 995 with SSL/TLS for encryption
When configuring email clients there is often a setting that controls the duration between checks for new email. This should not be set below 15-minutes as frequent checks from hundreds of clients puts a tremendous strain on the email server.
Create an email Alias

Customize your email account by creating a secondary alias address

  • Email sent to the alias address is delivered to your usual email account.
  • If your email is forwarded to another address, the alias will also be automatically forwarded to that address.
  • Alias can consist of letters and numbers only, no spaces, periods or other characters.
  • Alias cannot match any existing username.
  • Only one additional user alias is allowed per account.
  • Aliases that contain offensive language, are intended to impersonate or deceive, or are otherwise deemed inappropriate will be deleted and further disciplinary action may be considered.
  • Aliases must adhere to the Respectful University Policy.

Create an Email Alias

Account Name Change Request

If your username includes your last name, and you now have a different last name, you can request a new username to reflect the change.
  • This request changes your '' account information.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe from UR Email Lists

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to campus email lists.
  • Click Elective Lists in the Browse lists by category box in the middle of the page.
  • Click the list name you wish to Subscribe or Unsubscribe from.
  • Click Subscribe or Unsubscribe on the left side menu. You will be prompted to input your email address.

Study and Work Off-Campus

Accounts and some public computers can be accessed from off-campus.

Public Computer Labs and Printing Info

Software and Downloads Info

Network Storage, Access, and Sharing Info