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Software Information

ArcGIS Geographical Software

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are advanced mapping programs used to help solve "Why is it there?" questions. For example, police use GIS to help identify patterns of criminal activity, resource managers use GIS to map environmentally sensitive areas, and retail marketers use GIS to understand the purchasing characteristics of their customers.

  • The University of Regina has a site license for ArcGIS.
  • Students can access the U of R ArcGIS maps online at
  • Click the University of Regina button to log in, and enter your uregina account username and password (same as use for UR Course and Webmail).
  • Contact the IT Support Centre if you have any issues accessing ArcGIS

If you wish to explore how GIS can work for you, regardless of your area of interest, contact

  • For further information, see the official ArcGIS website
  • or see release notes at ArcGIS
NVivo Data Analysis Software

NVivo supports qualitative and mixed methods research. NVivo allows you to collect, organize, and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media data, YouTube videos, and web pages.  

  • The University of Regina has a license permitting installation of the NVivo software with simultaneous use of the software by 30 users at any one time.
  • NVivo is available in public computer labs on campus through AppsAnywhere.
  • Off-campus users can connect to an on-campus lab computer by Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access AppsAnywhere. For further information and instructions see RDP

NVivo Information and Use

Qualtrics Software

Qualtrics is a web-based research survey software that offers many advanced, but user-friendly features. Qualtrics enables users to do surveys, feedback, and polls using a variety of distribution means.

Using Qualtrics for Research

  • Any academic research, including grant or contract funded projects, can be performed and executed with the Research Suite platform.
  • Research done by the University, or by members of the university community for profit or through a non-University business (e.g., a private consulting business), is not included under the current Research Suite license.
  • Please contact the IT Support Centre to obtain a quote for the use of Research Suite in a for-profit situation, or login assistance.

Note: Surveys must adhere to the University of Regina's Surveys Policy and may require approval from the Survey Management Committee before being sent out. Please visit the University of Regina's Surveys Policy for further information.

Qualtrics Resources

Qualtrics is cloud based software. All data collected under the University of Regina's enterprise license is stored on servers in Ireland.

To find out how Qualtrics can work for you, visit Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Support

If you require further assistance, log in to the Qualtrics Support Portal with your username and password. For a detailed walkthrough, please visit Qualtrics Contacting Support.

SPSS 27 Statistical Software and Appstreaming Software Information

Student Access to SPSS

The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) comprises an integrated series of computer programs. SPSS software enables users to read data from questionnaire surveys and other sources (e.g., medical and administrative records) to manipulate data in various ways to produce a wide range of statistical analyses or reports, complete with supporting documentation.

  • The IBM SPSS statistical software is available in public computer labs on campus, which includes the Dr. John Archer Library.
  • The SPSS license does not permit the University to provide students with access to SPSS from personal computers or laptops.
  • You can access a 14-day Trial - Trial SPSS Statistics Subscription online with IBM.
  • Students (including those who live in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, or elsewhere in the province) requiring SPSS software may purchase it directly from IBM.

Remote Off-Campus Access

  • Students can connect to an on-campus lab computer via Remote Desktop (RDP), then access SPSS through AppsAnywhere.
  • Students in some course labs that require SPSS are set up to access SPSS via Amazon App-Streaming.

Appstreaming for SPSS

Amazon appstreaming allows students to remotely run SPSS software for labs to access a desktop in the cloud and run SPSS on the cloud machine, while displaying the output on their local screen.

  • Access is restricted to students in labs that have requested access. If you would like personal access, please contact IT Support to request access to SPSS via appstream.
Microsoft and Adobe Software Information and Free Microsoft AntiVirus Software


  • You can access MS Office and Adobe Acrobat with AppsAnywhere in UR Public Computer Labs.
  • Microsoft offers free online educational-use access for Office 365 Education.
  • You can also purchase Microsoft Office software at a reduced educational rate, directly from Microsoft.


  • Financial Services and the Research Office have confirmed that research grants can be used for software purchases, when the computer they are being installed onto was also purchased with that grant.
  • Information on purchasing a site licence (Faculty and Staff access) is available.

Free AntiVirus Software

Turnitin Software Information

Turnitin provides a suite of tools for submitting, grading, and returning papers online, as well as interactive calendars, discussion boards, and more. The University of Regina has a site license for Turnitin.

How to get a Turnitin License

Turnitin Originality Report Information

Turnitin's Originality Report compares submitted papers against an extensive database, which includes:
  • Databases of electronic books and articles.
  • Archived web pages.
  • Previously-submitted student papers.
Turnitin's Originality Report is not designed to identify plagiarism automatically.
  • Papers might show high degrees of similarity for a variety of reasons (improperly formatted citations, common phrases, or expressions, etc.).
  • "Originality Reports" provide detailed information on identified matches.
  • It is up to the instructor to follow up on areas of concern.

Turnitin’s Suite of Tools also Includes

  • Online submission with a time-stamped electronic receipt, and opportunity for students to view fully-graded assignments online.
  • GradeMark, a tool that allows instructors to quickly provide detailed feedback in a variety of ways (in-paper comments and notes, overall comments, rubrics).
  • Different assignment formats, including peer reviewed assignments for students.
  • Discussion boards, calendar with assignment dates automatically populated, and more.
To discuss the uses of Turnitin in an academic setting, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) via email at CTL@uregina.caTurnitin Support
  • If you have trouble getting Turnitin to work, please contact IT Support, and a member of the TLC training team will contact you to assist.
  • Grad Students and Instructors can contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for additional information.

Faculty and Staff

Engineering and Science - Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)

MSDNAA provides educational access to some Microsoft operating system and development software.

Science and Engineering students can access MSDNAA software:
  • It does not include access to Microsoft Office components (Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook).
You can download some free software from the site, and receive license keys in your U of R email.
  • Please only download during off peak hours.
Engineering - SolidEdge
  • Engineering students can access to SolidEdge windows software.
  • To install on a Macbook students must first install parallels.
Engineering Labs Software
coming soon

AppsAnywhere Info

AppsAnywhere is a software distribution portal, used on UR Public Lab computers. It uses app streaming, with CloudPaging software, to deliver applications over the network. New and updated software is deployed without requiring reboots or down time. AppsAnywhere can be accessed in computer labs and remotely by students. 

*AppsAnywhere updates every Sunday from 4-4:15 AM; which may result in a brief outage. 

How to access AppsAnywhere software and AppsAnywhere Login
  1. After the desktop appears, a Firefox web browser will launch to connect to the AppsAnywhere software library - this may take up to 15 seconds.
    • If a popup window comes up with "Say Hello to the new Firefox" it will block the automatic login to AppsAnywhere - please either "Choose a Theme" or select "Not Now" and then click "Sign In" at the bottom of the AppsAnywhere login dialogue box.
    • If you get a pop up window asking if you want to "Allow this site to open the software2hub link..." then check the "Always allow...." checkbox and then click on "Open Link."
  2. The web browser window screen will show the icons for all available software on the computer.
  3. Hover over an icon, choose "Launch," and the software will stream from our AppsAnywhere servers to the local PC, and then it will be launched by a locally installed by a locally installed cloud - it can take up to 15 seconds to launch if this is the 1st time it has been launched on this computer.
  4. If you close FireFox and want to restart AppsAnywhere, there is an icon on the desktop to access AppsAnywhere.
Searching for Applications in AppsAnywhere
    • After an application has been launched once on a system, it is cached and is 'virtually' installed, so then it can be run the traditional way, from the Programs menu.
    • You can easily search for an application using the search bar in the top right corner of the screen. You can use the keyboard shortcut of "s" to get to the search bar quickly.
Launching an AppsAnywhere Application
  • Instead of launching applications from the Windows Programs menu, a web browser window will launch when you log in to a computer, which will show icons for all available software on the computer.
  • You can hover over an icon, choose "Launch," and the software will stream from our AppsAnywhere servers to the local PC, and then it will be launched by a locally installed cloud player.
  • If needed, there is also an icon on the desktop, should the browser window close.

  • After an application launchs once on a system, it is cached and is "virtually" installed, so then it can be run the traditional way, from the Programs menu.
  • You can easily search for an application using the search bar in the top right corner of the screen. You can use the keyboard shortcut of "s" to get to the search bar quickly.

Launching an AppsAnywhere Application Demo Video


File Types (.docx, .pdf, etc.): File won't open, I see the software is available
  • Because an application does not install until after it has been launched once on a computer, file associations for that application may not be present.
  • If you double-click on a file and the application does not open, then you must launch the application first, and open the file from within the application.
  • MS Office and Adobe Reader are installed locally so file associations for .docx, .xlsx, .pdf etc. are always present.
I closed the AppsAnywhere portal browser window; How do I re-launch it?
  • Click on the "Launch AppsAnywhere" icon on the desktop.
I tried to open MyProjectStats.sav from my USB and Windows says it can't find an application. I thought SPSS was available on all lab machines?
  • SPSS is available, but it isn't installed until the first time somebody launches it from AppsAnywhere.
  • To open your MyProjectStats.sav file go to the AppsAnywhere browser portal window and scroll, or search for SPSS and launch it.
  • Then open the file from within SPSS.
  • After an application has been run once on a system, clicking on MyProjectStats.sav will launch SPSS.
How do I find an application quickly? Why can't I find an application under Programs Menu?
  1. You can use the search box in the top right corner to search for an application. The keyboard shortcut "s" takes you directly to the search box. See, search video for demo.
  2. Until an application has been run once it isn't virtually installed on the system, so the only way to launch it is through the AppsAnywhere portal.
Can you save your work locally? Where are the AppsAnywhere servers located?
  1. Yes, the application runs locally on the PC so you can save to the normal drives you use.
  2. Servers are located on campus in the UR data centres.
What happens if AppsAnywhere crashes? Will my lab be ruined?
  • There are redundant load balanced servers implementing this service, so a single server crash will not affect software availability.
  • In the extremely rare event that multiple servers are down, you won't be able to launch software.
Note: MS office and Adobe reader are installed locally and will be available from the Programs menu.
I see an "Application is no longer authorized and must be re-issued. The application will be terminating." message when I try to launch an application from Cloudpaging Player, which has previously launched.
  • This message indicates that the application session has expired.
  • To renew the session, the application has to be relaunched from the web portal.
  • Log in to, select the application and Click Launch.
Is it slower to stream applications compared to locally installed applications? Futher AppsAnywhere Info

The first time you launch software it is slower to start because it is cached. After the first launch the application runs at a similar speed to locally installed software.

Note: Appsanywhere expires application sessions after 30 days of in-activity.

Grad Student Assigned UR-owned Computer

Assigned a University-owned barcoded computer and it requires software installations
  • If you have been given a University barcoded computer for use during your studies oyu may request to have software installed if your Supervisor approves the request.
  • Software installation requests must first be reviewed and approved by IT Security before the software may be installed on the barcoded computer.
  • Once the software is approved by IT Security the ticket will be processed by the IT Technical Group and you will be contacted to arrange for the installation; A FOAPAL (charge account #) may be required depending on the software to be installed.
Steps to request software for your University-owned Barcoded computer
  • You must request the approval of your Supervisor to install the software on your University barcoded computer by sending your Supervisor an email to their email address with the information below.
Required information to email to your Supervisor for your request
  • Student ID:
  • Barcode identifier of the computer:
  • Computer Windows or Mac:
  • Operating system version:
  • Contact phone number:
  • Location of computer (Building & Room Number):
  • Software requested to be installed:

Non-University Software

  • Links to software download on the Internet:
  • Have you purchased a valid license:
Required info from your Supervisor and approval of software request

Required Info from your Supervisor

  • Approved (Yes/No):
  • and a FOAPAL (charge account #):

Your Supervisor will either

  • Open a footprints ticket and include their approval and the FOAPAL to charge any Technicians time and the information the student supplied to them in the email, or
  • They will forward you an email from their email account with their approval and a FOAPAL (charge account #) to

Software Downloads

Some Software is available for students or located on computers in campus computer labs.
When downloading software, you will be prompted for your username and password. This is the same username and password that you use for UR Courses and Webmail.
Alertus Desktop Client
Automatically installed on University-managed PCs and managed with Micro Focus Zenworks.
  • Installer for users who have been provided with an ArcGIS Named User license.
  • Students can access ArcGIS Online at (click 'University of Regina' button under the sign-in button) or through AppsAnywhere in public labs.
  • Employees can contact the IT Support Centre for ArcGIS installation.
Cyberduck Multi Function Utility (Mac)
GroupWise Client, GroupWise Chat, and MacMail
GroupWise Windows Client
GroupWise Messenger

GroupWise Software is not Available for MacOS.

Licensed for use by active University of Regina employees only.
  • Automatically installed on University-managed PCs and managed with Micro Focus Zenworks.
  • When you install Groupwise it will become the default mailer.
  • If you have Outlook installed, it will request if you want to make it the default mailer when it starts up.
iPrint Client and Papercut Client for Windows and Mac


  • PaperCut and iPrint are automatically installed on University-managed PCs and managed with Micro Focus Zenworks.
JellyFiSSH Secure Telnet Front End
username and password required for login.
Kanaka Client
Licensed for use by active U of R employees only.
Micro Focus FILR



Putty Terminal Emulation Program with SSH support
TeamViewer QS Client
  •  Automatically installed on University-managed PCs and managed with Micro Focus Zenworks.
Sophos AntiVirus
Licensed for use by active University of Regina employees only.
  • Automatically installed on University-managed PCs and managed with Micro Focus Zenworks.

Licensed for use by active University of Regina employees only.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • External Information and downloads for all devices including Linux at FortiClientVPN
Webdrive File Access Client
WinSCP Secure Copy Client
As per policy OPS-080-015, "While Information Services strives to ensure that the Macintosh products and products for Macintosh contained within this list are compatible with other University supported systems and software, operation and support levels identical to the more commonly used Windows platform and software are not guaranteed."

Free Apps!

Stay connected!

U of R Offical App

  • Access your class schedule, grades, contacts, and many U of R resources.

Alertus (Emergency Notification) App

  • Ensures timely warnings to those on campus in the event of a life threatening situation to stay safe on campus.
UR Offical App - Device Compatibility, Features, and Download Info
  • Phone, iPad and iPod touch (requires iOS version 11.0 or higher).
  • Android smartphones and tablets (requires Android 4.3 and up)

Stay Connected with the Official Free UR App

Get mobile access to:
  • Class schedules
  • Grades
  • Important student contacts
  • Many more Resources

Download UR Official App


Google Play or the App Store

Sign in using your nine-digit student ID number; six-digit PIN.

    • Make sure you log into UR Self-Service to set or update
    • your PIN before logging into the app.
    • If you upgrade the operating system on your mobile
    • you need to launch the app and re-sign in.

UR Official Student App Updates

The app enables periodic updates.
    • When a new feature or update is available,
    • it will be pushed to your device.
    • This means the next time you open the app,
    • when connected to a network, you'll receive
      the update automatically.
Alertus Emergency Notification App Info

Emergency Notification App ensures effective and timely warnings are delivered to those on campus in the event of a life threatening situation when people must take immediate action to stay safe on campus.

  • Download the Alertus App and learn about the Alertus Wall Beacons - Click link below