MFA Enrollment Guide

Welcome to the MFA Enrollment Guide! Thank you for helping to secure your account.

You will only need to complete this process once in order to become an enrolled MFA user.

Please review the prerequistes first.

If you meet these prerequistes, please complete steps 1 though 5, below. 

These steps will enroll your University of Regina account in MFA, and allow you to use your mobile device to complete authentications.

Note: Do not complete this process if you do not plan enrolling a mobile device.  If you require a hardware token, please follow the instructions to request hardware tokens.


To complete the enrollment process you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current U of R employee.
  • Know your username and password.
  • Be able to access a U of R website via a laptop or desktop browser.
  • Have your supported mobile device in your possession (iOS device such as iPhone, or Android).
  • You may require an account on Google Play Store or Apple ID to install apps on your mobile device (if your Google Play Store Account requires authentication or App Apple Store requires Apple ID authentication to install new apps on your device).
  • Your device will need to be connected to a wifi or mobile data network to download an app.
  • Have between 3 and 10 minutes to complete the enrollment process.

If you meet these prerequistes, please complete steps 1 though 5, below.  

If you do not plan on enrolling a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) and plan to use a hardware token instead, then do not complete the below steps.  Please see the instructions on requesting hardware tokens.  Hardware tokens are not available for self-service enrollment and you must go through the ITSC to enroll with a hardware token.

Step 1: Privacy Information and Agreement

1A) Go to the Duo MFA Enrollment Page

In a web browser, preferably on a desktop or laptop system, go to the U of R Enrollment Portal at: This can also be accessed by clicking on the on the "Do the Duo" button on the MFA main page, or the "Enrollment Portal Login" button on the MFA main page.

You will see the "DUO MFA Enrollment Page".


1B) Review Duo Mobile Privacy Information

Click on the "Duo Mobile Privacy Information" to review Duo provided Privacy details. This will open in a new window.


1C) Agree and Continue Enrollment

Check off the "I have reviewed and agree to the privacy information provided by Duo" checkbox after reading the Duo Mobile Privacy Information. 

Click "Continue Enrollment".


After pressing "Continue Enrollment", you will be taken to a Central Authentication Services (CAS) log in page. Please continue with step 2.

Step 2: Enroll Mobile Device

2A) Log In

The next window will be the Central Authentication Services (CAS) log in page.  

Please enter your username and password, and click the green "LOGIN" button.


2B) Start Setup

Review the welcome screen, and press the green "Start Setup" button.


2C) Select Device Type

Select "Mobile phone" and click the green "Continue" button.


2D) Enter your mobile device phone number

Enter your mobile phone number in the space provided, and select the country if not a Canadian phone number.

Confirm your the number you've entered is your correct mobile device number by checking the confirmation box.

NOTE: This is for your mobile phone, not your office landline.

Next, click the green "Continue" button. 


2E) Select Device Type

Select your mobile phone type, and click the green "Continue" button.


After pressing continue, please continue to step 3.

Step 3: Install Duo Mobile App on Mobile Device

3A) Review instructions on Installing Duo Mobile for Your Device Type

Follow the steps on your screen to install the Duo Mobile app on your device type. This will require you to download and install the "Duo Mobile" app on your device.   

Once you have completed installing the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device, you can click "I have Duo Mobile installed" on your computer.


3B) Install Duo Mobile For iOS (Apple iPhone)

First, launch the App Store on your Apple device.

Note: Your device must be on a Duo-supported version of iOS.

In the App Store, search for "Duo Mobile".

Tap Get and then Install to download the app.

Note: You may be prompted to log in to your Apple account to install the Duo Mobile application


3B) Install Duo Mobile For Android

On your Android smartphone, launch the Google Play Store app. 

Note: Your device must be on a Duo-supported version of Android

On your Android device, launch the Google Play Store app.

Search for "Duo Mobile".

Tap Install to install the app.

Note: If you are prompted to add a credit card, you can dismiss that request.

Note: You may be prompted to log in to your Google Play account to install the Duo Mobile application.

3C) Complete Install Process

Once you have completed installing the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device, you can click "I have Duo Mobile installed" on your computer, and continue with Step 4, below.

Step 4: Connect Duo Mobile to U of R Accounts

4A) Add Account on Duo Mobile

Once the "Duo Mobile" application is installed on your device, you can open the Duo Mobile application for the first time.

Note: If the Duo Mobile app asks to send you notifications, ensure you click "Allow".  This is required as this is how MFA log in notifications will be sent to your phone.

You will see a "Welcome to Duo Mobile" screen on your mobile device.

Tap on the "ADD ACCOUNT" button.


Note: If the Duo Mobile app asks you for permissions to access the camera, please "Ok" or "Allow". Duo Mobile will use the camera on the device to enroll accounts using QR codes.

Your computer screen should be displaying a QR code similar to the below.


Point the mobile device camera at the QR code on the screen, and the device will be registered.


4B) Configure MFA Settings

Now that your device is registered, you can choose your default authentication option.

You now have the option between "Ask me to choose and authentication method" or "Automatically send this device a Duo Push".

The recommended setting is "Ask me to Choose an Authentication Mechanism". This option will allow you to take advantage of the "remember me" functionality.  

Note: Selecting "Automatically send this device a Duo Push" will not allow users to take advantage of "remember me" functionality and may result in a larger number of MFA authentication requests overall.  


After you set this, click "Continue to Login". 

4C) Test and Success

You will see "Enrollment successful!" at the bottom of the screen. Congrats, your device is now registered in MFA.

To test, press the green "Send Me a Push" button.


A notification will be sent to and appear on the newly registered mobile device. On your mobile device, Tap on the notification and the Duo Mobile app will open.

You can then approve the log in request on your phone by pressing "Approve".


After testing your Duo Push, you will be taken back to the MFA Enrollment page where you can logout. Your device and your account are now enrolled in MFA.

We highly recommend that you also create backup codes in the event your mobile device stops working, is lost or stolen. To create backup codes, please complete Step 5, below.

Step 5: Create Backup Codes

5A) Go to the Backup Code Page and Log In

Go to the "Create Backup Codes" button on the MFA main page, or go to:

If prompted to login, please do so. You will also be presented with an MFA prompt. 

Press "Send Me a Push".  


A notification will arrive to your mobile device. Tap on the notification to open the Duo Mobile app. Tap "Approve" to log into the Backup Code Portal.


5B) Create Backup Codes

Once your authentication is approved, you will now be logged in to create backup codes. Click "Get Codes".


10 Codes will be generated and shown on screen.


Each code can be used to log in to a MFA protected application one time. They will expire after 1 year.

Do not share these codes. They must be stored in a secure location. It is recommended that these codes be stored offline, such as printed and stored in a desk drawer. 

You can generate new backup codes at any time. New backup codes will invalidate any old backup codes.

The creation of backup codes is complete. You can now click "Logout".