MFA Second Factor Options

There are several different devices which offer one or more authentication options that you can use to provide the second factor of multi-factor authentication. 

Learn about which devices and methods are supported to ensure you select the correct second factor for your needs. The table below lists the supported University of Regina second factor options for use with Duo MFA.

List of University of Regina Systems that Utilize Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA):

Device Type Authentication Option(s) Supported Supported Device Notes Links
Smartphone or Tablet

Duo Mobile Push

Duo Mobile Passcode



Recommended as primary device.

Enrollment of multiple devices supported and recommended.

Duo Mobile Passcode does not require network connection to use (no data/wifi required).

Supports self-serve enrollment.

Enrollment Guide

Using Duo Mobile Push to Authenticate

Using Duo Mobile Passcode to Authenticate

Adding Secondary Device

Backup Code 10 Single Use Backup Passcodes Offline storage, must be generated by user ahead of time

Recommended to create backup codes regardless of primary authentication method/device.

Supports self-serve generation of codes.

Does not require network connection to use.

Creating backup codes with Smartphone/Tablet as Primary Device

Creating backup codes with hardware token as primary device

Using backup codes to authenticate

Hardware Token Passcode Duo D-100 Device

Limited use cases where smartphone can not be used as primary device.

Does not support self-serve enrollment.  ITSC must assist.

Does not require network connection to use.

Requesting hardware token

Using hardware token to authenticate

U2F Device Security Key

Yubikey or Feitian Security Key

Not supplied by Information Services.  Must be provided by end user, department, or faculty.

Supports self-serve enrollment.

Does not require network connection to use.

Not compatible with CASPUR authentications.

Enrolling and Using Security Keys