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University of Regina Policy

Corporate Travel Card

Audience:All University employees
Issued:May 06, 1997
Revised:March 04, 2021
Owner(s):AVP (Finance)
Approved by:VP (Administration)
Contact:Associate Vice-President (Finance) - 306-585-4171


The University of Regina has an agreement with Scotiabank which provides a Scotiabank Visa Corporate Travel Card (“Travel Card”) to University employees who travel on University business.

The objectives of the Travel Card Program are to:

  • simplify travel arrangements and record keeping;
  • eliminate the need for travel advances;
  • provide insurance coverage as described later in this policy;
  • eliminate employees traveling on University business from having to carry large sums of cash; and
  • improve the cash flow of the University

The Travel Card Program is intended as a convenient tool to assist University travellers and the University, not as a perquisite. The Travel Card is a business travel card and account balances are to be cleared by the Cardholder as billed.


A Travel Card is available to each employee who travels on University business. Authorization and approval are required, by way of an application form provided by Supply Management Services, prior to the issuance of a Travel Card.

The Travel Card is issued for convenience and is intended for University employees travelling on University business (including research), or travelling with the permission of the University at the expense of a third party.

The Cardholder is responsible for payment of the account. The Cardholder will be reimbursed for travel expenses related to University business upon submission of a Reimbursement Claim Form and supporting documents.

Consequences for Noncompliance

A Cardholder who does not provide adequate documentation to Financial Services may not be reimbursed for travel expenses. A Cardholder who does not pay the full Travel Card balance by the payment due date will be personally responsible for any delinquency charges. Any delinquency charges exceeding the 30 day term of payment can lead to the termination of the Travel Card.  Cash advances will not be issued to employees to compensate for terminated Travel Cards.


Application Form

  1. The employee requesting the Travel Card completes the application form, which will be forwarded to Supply Management Services.
  2. A hard copy application will be processed and forwarded to the employee for necessary signatures.
  3. The card is issued to the employee, who is responsible for the charges incurred.

Payment of Travel Expenses

  1. A Travel Authorization Request Form must be obtained prior to travelling. This informs Financial Services of the amount approved for travel, documents the approval of employee time away from the University and records travel approval in case there is a claim on University insurance.
  2. It is intended that the Travel Card be used to pay all travel expenses possible. Purchase Orders will not normally be issued by the University to travel agents, airlines or hotels. The Travel Card should be used for that purpose.
  3. The Travel Card will have "University of Regina " logo, perhaps easing questions related to corporate rates. However, employees are not required to use the Travel Card if they do not wish to do so; they may use another personal credit card and submit a claim for reimbursement of eligible University expenses. Cash advances are only issued for University travel under unusual circumstances.
  4. Travel Card charges are billed monthly and are due and payable upon receipt of the billing statement. The Cardholder is responsible for making payment to Scotiabank for all charges made on the Travel Card. If an account remains outstanding on the next billing statement (30 day billing statement) it is deemed delinquent. The Cardholder is responsible for any delinquency charges.
  5. When requesting reimbursement, Cardholders should not wait to turn in a Reimbursement Claim form until a Scotiabank Visa bill has been received. The Reimbursement Claim form, with the card slips and receipts, should be submitted so that reimbursement occurs on a timely basis. This will put the funds in the Cardholder’s hands so that upon receipt, the Scotiabank Visa bill can be paid. Claims reimbursement is made weekly - as claims are approved they should immediately be forwarded to Financial Services. Claims not needing correction that are in Financial Services on Friday are normally paid the following Friday by direct deposit with email confirmation provided to the claimant. The University will not reimburse interest or service charges due to late payment on Travel Card balances by employees.
  6. If an airline ticket has to be purchased early to get a reduced rate, a Reimbursement Claim for the ticket’s cost, supported by the travel agent invoice, may be submitted. This will permit funds to be received in time to pay the Travel Card account when the bill for the airfare is received. The actual ticket is then to be submitted with the final Reimbursement Claim Form.

Features of the Travel Card

  • Individual plastic embossed cards are issued in the name of the employee and the University of Regina. “Travel" is emblazoned on the face of the Travel Card. The Cardholder receives a monthly statement by way of email. No hard copy statements are mailed to the Cardholder's home address.
  • A toll free customer service line (1-888-823-9657) is available to offer assistance to Cardholders.
  • Scotiabank Visa Travel Card is connected to automated banking machines (ABMs) internationally. Cash withdrawals can be made from any ABM displaying the "INTERAC" or "CIRCUIT" symbol. The withdrawal limits are $500 daily and $5,000 monthly, in Canadian dollar equivalencies. There is a $5.00 transaction fee applied for each cash withdrawal. Interest, compounded monthly, is charged by Scotiabank on cash withdrawals from the transaction date on the University's Corporate Statement to the date payment is received in full by Scotiabank. Such charges are to be separately identified on Reimbursement Claim forms and are paid for centrally from Banner FOAPAL Fund 10000; Organization 5500; Account 6191.
  • Details of Scotiabank Visa Travel Card benefits can be viewed at Scotiabank’s website.
  • Further travel insurance and benefits information can be obtained from Supply Management Services website.
  • A stolen or lost card should be reported immediately to Scotiabank Visa. The toll-free telephone number to Scotiabank Visa within Canada is 1-888-823-9657. If outside Canada, call collect 1-416-750-6138.


Termination of Employment of a Cardholder

The University will notify Scotiabank and the Travel Card will be cancelled effective the date of termination. The Travel Card should be destroyed. The Cardholder continues to be responsible for any outstanding charges incurred.

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