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University of Regina Policy

Constructing a Non-University Owned Building on Campus

Audience:All University employees
Issued:January 01, 1998
Revised:April 28, 2023
Owner(s):AVP (Facilities Management)
Approved by:Board of Governors
Contact:Associate Vice President, Facilities Management 306-585-4635


This policy outlines the requirements for any proposed building on campus. The University of Regina Campus Master Plan guides the development of main campus and College Avenue campus in consultation with various stakeholders.


To qualify for a site on University land, any proposed building shall meet one or more of the requirements of subsection 1) below and all of the requirements of subsections 2) and 3) below.

1.   There shall be clear evidence that the building will:

  • provide immediate and continuing long term benefits to the teaching or research programs of the University;
  • provide accommodation for the staff and students of a federated or affiliated college;
  • provide both immediate and continuing long term residence accommodation for students enrolled at the University;
  • offer immediate and long term prospects for significant enhancement of good relations between the University and the community;
  • contribute significantly to the protection of University property or to the safety, sustainability or reliability of University owned utilities and underground services; and,
  • provide accommodation of such other nature and importance that, in the opinion of the University, the building qualifies for consideration.

2.   There shall be clear evidence that the building will not:

  • be offensive to, nor injuriously affect, the present and projected use of University property;
  • impose excessive loads or demands on University facilities including, but not limited to: utilities, underground services, roads, parking lots and the like;
  • injuriously affect property bordering University land;
  • create any condition which, in the opinion of the University, will be incompatible with the present or projected use of University land;
  • require an excessive quantity of land at the time of its construction or in the future; and,
  • be so small that it will be inappropriate in scale to adjoining or neighboring buildings or create an impediment to future development.

3.   The building shall be consistent with one or more of the general purposes of the Provincial Capital Commission
     -- the development of the seat of Government or the enlargement of educational opportunities, or the
     advancement of the cultural arts, or the advancement of recreational facilities -– as interpreted by the Provincial
     Capital Commission.

     A building which qualifies for a site on University land shall be located in compliance with the Campus Master
     Plan. A building complying with the Campus Master Plan shall be designed in accordance with the terms and
     conditions of a lease between the University and the owner(s) of the building.

Consequences for Noncompliance

New buildings on campus will not be constructed without the approval of the Board of Governors, the Provincial Capital Commission and the Province of Saskatchewan.  Failure to obtain the appropriate approvals put the University of Regina at financial risk.


Proposed new buildings on campus must be initiated by Facilities Management in consultation with the Provincial Capital Commission with the approval of the University Executive Team (UET) with the final approval of the Board of Governors for all buildings to be constructed on campus, subject to the prior approval of the minister as per The University of Regina Act (156 KB) pdf section 62(b).

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