Unlicensed Radio Frequency Spectrum

Category: Operations
Number: OPS-080-035
Audience: All University employees
Issued: November 09, 2006
Revised: April 20, 2023
Owner(s): AVP (Facilities Management), AVP (Information Services)
Approved by: VP (Administration)
Contact: Associate Vice-President (Information Services) - 306-585-5646


This policy applies to any use of unlicensed RF spectrum on property owned or leased by the University of Regina.

The unlicensed RF bands are by nature intended to allow and foster the use of wireless equipment in an unregulated manner. However, the University must impose a degree of control over this resource if it is to use wireless technology to provide services.


The unlicensed RF bands are jointly managed by Information Services and Facilities Management and are therefore reserved for the purposes of providing wireless services to the University community. Other uses of the unlicensed bands are allowed, insofar as they do not conflict with existing or planned wireless services.

In the event of a conflict in the use of the unlicensed bands, the Joint Spectrum Management Committee shall determine an appropriate spectrum allocation. Institutional use shall normally prevail.

Decisions of the Joint Committee may be appealed to the Vice-President (Administration) whose determination shall be final.

Joint Spectrum Management Committee

The Joint Spectrum Management Committee will consist of:

  • one representative appointed by the Associate Vice-President (Information Services); and
  • one representative appointed by the Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management).

Consequences for Noncompliance

If employees or external parties use unlicensed RF bands to the point where there is conflict with existing wireless services, the University may not be able to provide planned services to the University community. Employees in noncompliance may be subject to disciplinary action and the disconnection of interfering equipment from the University data network. External parties in noncompliance will be asked to discontinue their activities on campus.


Prior to installing equipment requiring unlicensed RF spectrum, employees or external parties should contact the IT Support Centre and provide the location and type of equipment proposed for installation. The employee or external party will be contacted within 3 working days if a conflict with University services is likely to occur.

To appeal a spectrum allocation decision of the Committee, provide, in writing, the location, type of equipment and purpose of the installation to the Vice-President (Administration) for consideration. The Vice-President (Administration) will review the appeal, the Committee’s decision and rationale, and make a determination in the best interests of the University taking into account the impacts upon existing and planned University services.