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University of Regina Policy

Obtaining Printing Services

Audience:All University employees
Issued:April 05, 2007
Revised:February 27, 2024
Owner(s):AVP (Information Services)
Approved by:VP (Administration)
Contact:Associate Vice-President (Information Services) - 306-585-5646


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for all employees of the University with respect to the production of printed materials and obtaining print related services; to outline the role, responsibilities and accountabilities of the Printing Services Department (Printing Services) in assisting University faculties and departments meet their immediate and long-term needs for print services and print materials; to take advantage of the opportunities provided by large volume procurements; and, to leverage internal expertise to achieve the best possible value and quality for the University.  Ultimately, all of the University’s printing needs will be addressed by Printing Services directly or as Printing Services acting as a project manager utilizing external resources.

Printing is a key activity that is used in all facets of the University including administration, instruction, marketing and recruitment of employees and students.  The responsibility for determining the best production method for print materials is assigned to Printing Services as the subject matter expert in this field.  In collaboration with each faculty and department, print projects will be analyzed and a decision made on whether to procure the service externally or to produce internally. At all times attention will be paid to delivering the best overall value to the University.


The production of printed materials and print related services, regardless of the value of the print related services,  from all sources of University revenue including but not limited to general operating funds, research funds, capital funds and other monies held in trust for special purposes, shall be the responsibility of Printing Services.

The appropriate production of print is recognized by the University as being fundamental to its efficient operation and is recognized as one of the University’s major financial investments.

Roles and Responsibilities

Printing Services

  • Provide print management for the University, which includes procedural advice, design advice and resources, sourcing resources and production resources. This has been assigned to Printing Services as they possess the technical and/or specialized knowledge required for these services to be delivered effectively.
  • Provide assistance in determining the appropriate print medium to convey a message to the desired audience.
  • Comply with the existing Purchasing (Policy OPS-020-010) and Tendering (Policy GOV-010-035) policies for all external purchases.
  • In collaboration with the requester, evaluate each request for print or print related service to determine the most appropriate production method for each component of the project.   Where it is deemed inappropriate for internal production based on the requirement for cost, quality, purpose and turnaround, Printing Services, in collaboration with Supply Management Services, will act as the project manager for the tendering and/or procurement process for the appropriate service and product requirements from external vendors.
  • For print or print related services that Printing Services and the requester determine is more appropriately produced externally, Printing Services will act as the requisitioning department to receive goods and services through the Banner System that were generated by way of a purchase order.
  • For externally produced printing, Printing Services will apply a charge for administration costs incurred consistent with, but not exceeding, industry standards. 

Employees of the University

  • Ensure requests for Printing Services are approved by an individual with authority for the respective FOAPAL prior to the completion of any print request.  Printing Services will complete any required Purchase Requisitions through Banner.
  • Supply Management Services will advise the requester that such purchase requests must be directed to Printing Services.
  • Obtain proper authorization from their Manager, Dean or Director prior to using their PCard for the procurement of print or print related services.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Any University employee who completes a print request or uses their PCard to purchase print or print related services without proper authorization may be subject to disciplinary action.

If Printing Services does not comply with the Purchasing and Tendering policies, they will be subject to the consequences for noncompliance of those policies.


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