Textbook Acquisition

Category: Operations
Number: OPS-120-015
Audience: All University employees
Issued: December 10, 1998
Revised: March 08, 2019
Owner(s): AVP (Student Affairs)
Approved by: Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Contact: Bookstore Manager - 306-585-5173


This policy provides a coordinated approach to the acquisition of textbooks, including desk copies, and outlines the responsibility for chargebacks on unsold custom publications.

Faculty, staff and students are reminded that most material to be used in courses is governed by Canadian Copyright Law, specific Licensing Agreements, and other contracts.


The University of Regina Bookstore (the Bookstore) is an Ancillary Service with a primary responsibility to provide course textbooks and related educational material to students at the most reasonable price possible. Faculties, departments, and all course instructors must order all required and optional copyrighted material, including textbooks, course-packs, laboratory manuals and other materials which are to be available for students, through the Bookstore. The Bookstore is the only officially recognized provider of these materials.

Consequences for Noncompliance

The Bookstore is the official provider of textbook materials; faculties, departments or course instructors who obtain textbooks from a source other than the Bookstore, or direct their students to do so, may be subject to disciplinary action.


Textbook Adoption

Detailed textbook adoption procedures may be found on the Bookstore website, including recommended ordering timelines and contact information for assistance. Because the inventory system is linked to Banner enrollment, the Bookstore may adjust requested text numbers to align with projected enrollment, historical purchasing trends, and used inventory in circulation.

Desk Copy

  1. Each faculty member or department administrative assistant (or designate) is responsible for obtaining his or her own desk copies of textbooks. The Bookstore does not order or supply publishers' desk copies for faculty members.
  2. The Bookstore will not provide books to faculty members or departments on loan, or on a returnable basis, for their use until the desk copy arrives from the publisher.
  3. Upon request, the Bookstore will provide publisher contact information to help facilitate obtaining a desk copy.
  4. The Bookstore will make copies of original publications, lab manuals or course packages (produced by Printing Services) available to the instructor teaching the class at no charge. Instructors must indicate their need for copies and quantity when the adoption request is made to the Bookstore. Additional copies requested after production must be purchased at cost.

Chargeback to Departments for Custom Publications

The Bookstore has the discretion to adjust requested order numbers to reflect number on hand, projected registration, and past purchasing trends. University departments and faculties, with adoption requirements for specific publication numbers for a given course section, will be invoiced for 50% of the Bookstore’s cost of unsold copies of lab manuals, custom publications, and course packages which are no longer in use, and which are non-returnable.

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