Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award Committee is responsible to the Board on matters concerning the Board of Governors Distinguished Service Award (DSA), and meet annually.

The Committee's duties are to:

  1. Annually review and make recommendations to the Board on the terms, conditions, and mode of recognition for the DSA; and
  2. Annually review nominations for the DSA and, when a suitable candidate is identified, to recommend him or her to the Board.
  3. Annually review its terms of reference and recommend changes as required to the Board as appropriate.

On behalf of the Committee, the University Secretary will issue a call for nominations for the DSA annually.

Nominations to be submitted by February 10, 2023:

The Distinguished Service Award Advisory Committee
c/o University Secretary
AH 510, Administration-Humanities Building
University of Regina
Regina, SK  S4S 0A2
or E-mail to:  University.Secretary@uregina.ca

Any questions or comments may be directed to the University Secretariat office by email.