Council Committee on Academic Mission

As a voice of Council on the academic mission of the University, the Council Committee on Academic Mission shall recommend reports to Council on matters relating to the academic structure of the University (i.e. Faculties, Academic Units, affiliations or federations) and advise the President on matters that relate to academic planning, programs, academic unit reviews, and university strategic planning.


8 members of Council, with no more than 2 members representing a Faculty or Academic Unit

2 students, appointed by URSU and GSA, respectively

Ex officio: Provost and Vice-President (Academic), Vice-President (Research), Associate Vice- President (Academic)

Resource: Provost and Vice-President (Academic) office

All committee members, including students and ex-officio members, have voting rights. Each member has one vote.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. To take an active role in strategic plan development through regular consultation with, and feedback to, the University’s Strategic Plan committee.
  2. To oversee and make recommendations concerning regularly scheduled Academic Unit reviews at the University of Regina, receiving reports, consulting with units on responses to, and progress on, Academic Unit Review recommendations, and reporting to Executive of Council and Council, as required.
  3. To examine for approval new program proposals referred by CCUAS and CCFGSR, when questions as to possible program duplication or concerns as to implications for academic mission or quality have been raised at those Council committees.
  4. To actively participate in the University’s academic planning process through regular consultation with the academic planning committees or the academic planning leads and advise the President on academic planning and the implementation of the University’s academic plan.
  5. To consult regularly with the Council Committee on Budget for continuity and effective collaboration.
  6. To report and recommend to Council on matters relating to the academic structure of the University (i.e. Faculty, Academic Units, Institutions and Centres that contribute to the University’s academic mission, affiliations/federations, etc.)

2024-25 CCAM Membership pdf

2024-25 CCAM Meeting Dates TBD


Next CCAM Meeting:  September, 2024

If you wish to have an item placed on the CCAM agenda, please email

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and minutes for the Council Committee on Academic Mission may be found on UR Source.