Council Committees

Information on each Committee can be found below or through University of Regina Council – Rules and Regulations.

2019-2020 Committee Membership on Council's Committees

Call for Volunteers for Council Membership on Council Committees

The annual call for volunteers to fill vacancies on Council Committees requiring Council membership is below.
The Council Nominating Committee will meet to consider the volunteer submissions for the vacancies requiring Council representation.

Volunteer Form

Please return the form by TBD for 2020 to the University Secretariat, AH 509 or email to

Council Committees:

Council Agenda Committee
Council Committee on Academic Mission (CCAM)
Council Committee on Budget (CCB)
Council Committee on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Council Committee on Research (CCR)
Council Committee on Student Appeals (CCSA)
Council Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Studies Committee (CCUAS)
Council Committee on Undergraduate Awards(CCUA)
Council Discipline Committee (CDC)
Council Nominating Committee

Joint Council/Senate Committees:

Committee on Ceremonies