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Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared! 
Protective Services recommends everyone on campus to be aware of what to do in the case of medical emergency, fire or other emergencies that can happen anywhere on university property.

Questions or concerns? Call our office at 306-585-4407


It is recommended to all students and staff to download the Alertus App to be in the know of all active emergencies on campus with a push notification to your phone or computer.

Type in "uralerts" when asked to enter the organization code.

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To learn more about Alertus: Alertus Page

Medical or other emergencies on campus

For crimes in progress, fire or medical emergencies call 911 first and then call Protective Services at 306-585-4999.

All Protective Services officers are certified in Law Enforcement First Aid (LEAF) training by St. John's Ambulance to enhance the need of medical first response until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive, if required.

Fire Alarm

What to do during a Fire alarm:

  • Treat all activated fire alarms as a real emergency.
  • Close your bedroom or office door.
  • Alert the persons nearest to you on your way out.
  • Leave your apartment or office door closed and unlocked.
  • Walk quickly to the nearest exit and take the stairs.  Elevators are out of order during a fire alarm.
  • Exit the building to the gathering area and do not re-enter the building until given the all-clear

If you have information regarding the fire alarm or are aware of someone who may require assistance, please speak to a Fire Warden or Protective Services immediately.

Failure to evacuate may result in a fine and/or further disciplinary action.

For more information on fire safety, please visit: 
Health & Safety