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Important Information About Student Loans

Course Registration Requirements

Understanding student loans can be tricky, but remember we are here to help you!  Depending on the type of student loan you are receiving, or the type of student you are, there are minimum credit hour requirements which you will have to maintain to remain eligible for your government student loan. If you are planning on being a full-time student, you will apply for a full-time loan.  If you are approved for a full-time loan, you need to make sure you maintain full-time status for the duration of the term(s) during which you are receiving funding.  Our office verifies the registration status of student loan funded students each month.  If you have dropped courses that changes your eligibility status (for example, you are no longer full time), we are required to notify your provincial government loan office. Students that fail to maintain their full-time status will be discontinued, which may impact their eligibility for future loan funding.  Please be aware of the potential impact dropping a class could have on your student loan funding.

Term: Fall or Winter

  • Full-time status for undergraduate students: a minimum of 9 credit hours
  • Full-time status for graduate students: a minimum of 6 credit hours

Term: Spring or Summer

  • There are multiple parts of term during the period between May and August which have different start and end dates that are usually a few weeks to two or four months in length.
  • Due to the variable start and end dates, you want to make sure that your entire length of study does not have more than a 3 week break between terms.
  • The study period must be a minimum of 6 weeks in length to be eligible for student loan funding.
  • On your loan application, you will indicate the first day of the first part of term, and the last day of the last part of term for the course(s) you will be taking from May-August.
  • For Saskatchewan student loan students: once our office has confirmed your registration, you will not be able to change your loan dates.  Please ensure that when you apply for a loan you are confident in your course selections.
  • To assist you with selecting courses that meet full-time requirements, please use the below chart as a reference (but come and talk to us if you need help!):


Part of Term Date

Min Credit Hours Required to 
Be Reg'd in to be Full-Time

Weeks of Study
1 May 4-Aug 22, 2020 9 16
4 May 4-June 24, 2020 6 7
7 July 6-Aug 26, 2020 6 7
10 May 4-Aug 8, 2020


4 & 7 May 4-Aug 26, 2020 9


1 & 4 & 7 May 4-Aug 26, 2020 9 16
4 & 10 May 4-Aug 8, 2020 9 14
4 & 7 & 10 May 4-Aug 26, 2020 9 16
7 & 10 May 4-Aug 26, 2020 9 16
1 & 4 & 7 & 10 May 4-Aug 26, 2020 9 16

There are more combinations than those listed above.  If you would like any assistance, please contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office in AH 108, by email at or by phone 306-585-4591.