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Undergraduate Awards

Browse the list of scholarly awards and bursaries below to find funding opportunities in your field of study.


Scholarship Name Student Type All Deadlines Value per Award
Dwain Lingenfelter Centennial Scholarship Entrance Entrance $1,550.00
Saskatchewan Science Fair Scholarship Entrance Entrance $1,000.00
Faculty of Science 10th Anniversary Entrance Scholarships Entrance Entrance $4,850.00
Frederick W. and Bertha A. Wenzel Entrance Award Entrance Entrance Tuition costs + allowance for books
(for Fall & Winter terms)
Regina Medical Laboratories Ltd. Entrance Scholarship Entrance Entrance $1,900.00
Economics Honours Entry Scholarship Continuing Fall Variable
W. A. Gordon Prize in Geology Continuing Fall $1,500.00
Wallace McConnell Memorial Scholarship Continuing Fall $1,100.00
University of Regina Alumni Association
Dr. Jim Tomkins Undergraduate Science Scholarship
Continuing Fall $1,500.00
Dr. Allan Smith Chemistry Prize Continuing Fall $1,000.00
Viterra Scholarship in Computer Science Continuing Fall $1,500.00
SaskEnergy Award for Mature Students Continuing Winter $2,500.00
FCC Student Ambassador Award Continuing Fall $2,000.00
Dr. Peter Woroby Memorial Scholarship in Economics Continuing Fall $1,200.00
Economics Honours Scholarship Continuing Fall, Winter $1000 to $6000
Schmeiser Family Honours Economics Scholarship Continuing Fall $7,500.00
David L. Beattie Memorial Scholarship Continuing Fall $1,200.00
Dr. Hansgeorg Schlichtmann Memorial Award Continuing Fall $1,000.00
Dr. Gary Tompkins Award for Distinguished Public Service and Academic Excellence Continuing Fall $1,500.00
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Sask (APEGS) Geoscience Prize Continuing Fall $300.00
Urban Planning (GEOG 346) Book Prize Continuing Winter $200.00
Kiwanis Van Cleave Bursary Continuing Fall $1,500.00
CIBC Aboriginal Bursary Entrance and Continuing Fall $3,500.00
CIC Indigenous Bursary Entrance and Continuing Fall, Spring $2,500
University of Regina Faculty Association Dr. Sarah Shorten Memorial Scholarship Continuing Fall $1,500.00
Wascana Preceptory No. 51 Knights Templar Scholarship Continuing Fall $7,100.00
K + S Potash Canada Legacy Award Continuing Fall, Winter $1,250.00
Innovation Place Regina Indigenous Scholarship Continuing Fall $5,000.00
Deloitte Bursary for Indigenous Students in Information Technology Entrance and Continuing Fall $5,000.00
SED SYSTEMS, A Division of Calian Ltd. Scholarship Continuing Fall $1,200.00
Shell Canada Aboriginal Award in Computer Science and Engineering Continuing Fall $3,600.00
TD Bank Group Bursary in Energy and Environmental Studies Continuing Fall, Winter Variable
Donald M. Kent Geology Student Travel Award Continuing Fall $1,700.00
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS)
Entrance Bursary (Geology)
Entrance Fall $3,000.00
University of Regina Women Susan McLaren Bursary Continuing Fall $1,200.00
Douglas and Margaret Cuddington Scholarship in the Faculty of Science Continuing Fall $5,000.00
Dr. Neil Knecht Scholarship in Physics Continuing Fall $1,450.00
Co-operators Life Insurance Company Actuarial Science Award Continuing Fall $2,000.00
Muriel E. Finlayson Undergraduate Environmental Science Scholarship Continuing Winter $4,200.00
30 by 30 APEGS Award for Women in Geoscience Continuing Fall $3,200.00
Petar C Hein Memorial Scholarship in Physics Continuing Fall $4,250.00
Peter J. Puckall Memorial Bursary in Computer Science Continuing Winter $2,075.00
Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board Actuarial Science Scholarship Continuing Fall $2,000.00
G. F. Ledingham Scholarship Continuing Fall $1,650.00
Saskatchewan Government Insurance Actuarial Science Scholarship Continuing Fall $2,500.00
SaskPower Award in Chemistry Continuing Fall $3,000.00
Barry Bortnick Scholarship in Science Continuing Fall $1,100.00
H.J. Promhouse Continuing Scholarship in Mathematics Continuing Fall $2,500.00
Deloitte Bursary in Computer Science Continuing Fall $5,000.00
B'Nai Brith- M.D. Brownstein Scholarships Continuing Fall $1,100.00
Joan & Norman Beirnes Scholarship Continuing Fall $7,500.00
Dr. Suzanne Marcia Nilson Scholarship in Biology Continuing Fall $850.00
Don Ireland Memorial Award Continuing Fall $1,000.00
Jack & June Krogan Women in Science Scholarship Continuing Fall $3,000.00
Dean of Science Scholarly Achievement Award Continuing Fall $2,000.00
Huber Undergraduate Physics Scholarship Continuing Fall $1,350.00
Compugen Young Indigenous Women in Saskatchewan Technology Award Entrance Entrance $2,500.00
Shell Canada Scholarship in Computer Science Continuing Fall $3,100.00
Geography Scholarship for Excellence Continuing Fall 2100
CIBC Aboriginal Bursary (Renewal) Entrance and Continuing Fall $3,500.00
Indigenous Undergraduate Engineering and Science Student Research Award Program Continuing Winter $5,000.00
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS)
Undergraduate Scholarship
Continuing Fall $2,000.00
University Prize in Science Convocation Convocation -
Faculty of Science Dean's Medal Convocation Convocation -
Intermediate Economics Award Continuing Spring $1,000.00
Dr. Alex Kelly Undergraduate Economics Essay Prize Continuing Spring -
Canadian Society of Chemistry Silver Medal Continuing Spring -
John Lewry Prize in Geology Continuing Spring $2,100.00
Dr. Jack Boan Medal Convocation Spring Convocation $800.00 and medal
Society of Chemical Industry Canadian Section, Merit Awards Continuing Spring Convocation -
Dr. Robert M. Agnew Memorial Award Convocation Spring Convocation $1,100.00
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Sask (APEGS) Gold Medal (Geology) Convocation Spring Convocation -
SaskEnergy Award Continuing Winter $2,500.00
SaskEnergy Aboriginal Award Continuing Winter $2,500.00
Geography and Environmental Studies Scholarship for Excellence Award Continuing Winter $1,150.00
Leonard Schein Honours Prize in Psychology Continuing Winter $1,800.00
Economics Honours Research Fellowship Continuing Winter Up to $11,000.00
FCC Indigenous Student Empowerment Fund Continuing Fall, Winter Variable
Saskatchewan Innovation Undergraduate Scholarship (donor) Continuing Fall, Winter, Spring Variable
Muriel E. Finlayson Undergraduate Computational Science Research Scholarship Continuing Winter $4,475.00
D. M. Kent Prize in Sedimentary Geology Continuing Winter $900.00
Kornelius G Toews Scholarship Continuing Winter $4,450.00
James B. Carefoot Memorial Scholarship Continuing Winter $1,000.00
Faculty of Science Indigenous Scholar Award Continuing Winter $1,000.00