Tzu-Chiao Chao

Environmental Proteomics Scientist
Institute of Environmental Change and Society

Office: RIC 524
Phone: 306-337-8864

Research interests
Molecular Cell Biology, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Microfluidics

Tzu-Chiao Chao is Environmental Proteomics Scientist at the IECS and holds Adjunct Professor positions in the Department of Biology and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Regina. Tzu-Chiao earned a PhD and Diploma in molecular biology at the Bielefeld University, Germany.

His research interests are aimed to understand how environmental stressors and pollutants affect organisms and cells on the molecular level. As stress responses are mediated by the orchestrated action of intricate protein networks, it is necessary to investigate protein and other molecular changes on a global scale. The lab utilizes a combination of high-throughput omics technologies (genomics, transcriptomics and proteomcis) and novel microfluidics devices with single-cell resolution to gain mechanistic insights into these networks.