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Kerri Finlay

Associate Professor

Office: LB 252
E-mail: Kerri.Finlay@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4236
Fax: 306-337-2410
Website: http://kerrifinlay.wixsite.com/kerri

Research interests
Limnology, Carbon budgets of lakes, Greenhouse gas emissions, Lake water quality

My research focuses on aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry, specifically investigating the role of Prairie lakes in the global carbon budget, and the effects of anthropogenic activities on lake water quality. I am interested in determining the role of human activities on the water quality in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks and how to develop ecologically-sound mitigation practices for water quality improvement to maximize the potential for recreational use. I am also interested in carbon budgets in prairie lakes and ponds, and how carbon dynamics interact with climate change. We have recently shown that prairie lakes are becoming stronger carbon sinks as the climate warms, and future research projects will examine additional factors such the effect of droughts, and severity of storms on carbon cycling in these systems.