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Danaë Rozendaal

Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor: Dr. Vanderwel

Office: LB 420.1.1
Phone: 306-337-3108

Research interests
Forest Ecology, Forest Dynamics, Dendroecology, Climate Change

Future dynamics of the pan-tropical forest carbon sink

I have broad research interests in forest ecology, and particularly, forest dynamics. I use a combination of extensive datasets on forest dynamics and statistical modelling techniques to assess how responses of individual trees to resource levels shape the dynamics of tropical and temperate forests. I am interested in (contributing to) forecasting how forests will respond to climate change and anthropogenic disturbance in terms of their dynamics, species composition, and capacity for carbon storage.

Currently, I use extensive forest dynamics datasets from the Amazon and tropical Africa to assess how growth, mortality, and recruitment rates of individual trees respond to climate and local competition. Results will be incorporated into a cohort-based model of forest dynamics to predict the future dynamics of the pan-tropical forest carbon sink under different climate change scenarios.

In addition, I am involved in the initiation of a new collaborative effort, together with Lourens Poorter and Frans Bongers (Wageningen University, the Netherlands), on forest recovery during secondary succession in the Neotropics. We evaluate recovery of biomass and species richness using chronosequence data of now > 35 forest sites (> 1000 plots) that cover the major gradients in rainfall, soil fertility, and land-use intensity prior to abandonment across the Neotropics.

Danaë Rozendaal's CV